How Do I Become a Hotel Manager?

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There are different ways to become a hotel manager, but it generally requires a combination of education and experience. Smaller hotels may be fine with managers who have an associate's degree in hotel management or hospitality, but larger establishments will typically want at least a bachelor's degree, or even a master's, either specifically in hotel management or an MBA. Even with these educational qualifications, years of experience in the hospitality industry will typically be required in order to become a hotel manager. This is because hotel managers need to understand all aspects of running a hotel, from reservations to housekeeping to managing staff.

Many people who decide early that they want to become a hotel manager will start working in the hospitality industry while still in college or even high school. Starting in entry-level positions, such as at working in reservations, at the front desk, or in housekeeping, will allow you to become familiar with the different aspects of working in a hotel and interacting with guests. It will also open up opportunities for promotion if you are good at your job; this way, as you are finishing your education, you may be able to be promoted into supervisory or management roles simultaneously, much earlier than you would otherwise have been able to advance.


Higher education is frequently an important step in order to become a hotel manager. Even with years of experience, some larger hotels -- especially those run by large corporations -- will be unlikely or completely unwilling to promote you into a managerial role without some form of college education. An associate's degree or certificate program in hotel management might be sufficient, but most require a bachelor's degree or even a master's degree for the largest inns and resorts. This is because these positions don't just require understanding of the processes in the hotel, but also important aspects of business, such as running operations, hiring and firing staff, and understanding human resources and benefits, to name a few.

In addition to these responsibilities, a hotel manager might also be responsible for things such as branding and marketing the hotel, making improvements, and planning for larger events such as weddings or parties. Resolving problems that guests have is another large aspect of management, as well as developing ongoing relationships with vendors or other businesses. For this reason, anyone who wants to become a hotel manager should enjoy working with people, as well as possess the ability to multi-task and handle a great deal of responsibilities in order to be successful.


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Post 3

I work in a hotel and our general manager actually became a hotel manager after working as a lawyer for a number of years.

Post 2

I know that UNLV has a really good hotel management program. That makes sense considering all the huge expensive hotels that they have out in Las Vegas. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how much the managers of mega hotels like those make?

Post 1

I have a friend that is trying to become a hotel manager. She has worked for Hilton hotels for a few years and loves it. I guess they have a number of employee incentive programs and one of them is that you can choose where you would like to work after a certain number of years with the company.

She wants to go to Hawaii. Sounds like a pretty nice place to go to work if you ask me.

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