How Do I Become a Hotel Analyst?

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A hotel analyst studies information and compiles reports related to various aspects of the hotel industry. Someone wishing to become a hotel analyst must complete a college degree. Furthermore, many employers require analysts to have some prior hotel industry experience with the result that many analysts begin their careers as hotel sales people or managers.

To become a hotel analyst an individual must typically complete a college degree in accounting, finance, mathematics or a related topic. Some employers prefer analysts to have completed postgraduate courses that focus specifically on leisure and travel industry analysis. Aside from analytics, some people also complete undergraduate degree courses in hotel management or tourism. People who complete both types of degree programs can both analyze statistical data and understand the mechanics of the industry.

Analysts are employed by travel firms, industry associations and investment companies. Travel firm employees are normally tasked with analyzing sales records and occupancy rates of hotels that are operated by the firm they work for. These individuals must identify sales trends and attempt to make predictions about future occupancy rates. Major travel firms usually review analyst's reports before making decisions about building or refurbishing existing hotels. Many firms require in-house analysts to begin work as hotel managers so as to familiarize themselves with the firm before enabling these people to transition into analyst roles.


Industry associations employ analysts who are tasked with reviewing and studying industry wide data. These associations pass on the findings of these reports to travel firms and even lobby for politicians to pass laws and legislation that will help the industry to generate increased levels of revenue. Those wishing to become a hotel analyst employed by an industry association must typically spend some time working at a hotel. Some associations employ junior analysts in entry-level positions and these individuals assist the senior analysts. While some junior analysts are promoted into senior positions, internal candidates like external candidates must typically complete college degrees in mathematics or a related topic.

Investment firms employ analysts to make predictions about the future movements of securities issued by hotel operators. In many countries, securities analysts must pass licensing examinations before they can publish reports on the securities industry. Therefore, someone wishing to become a hotel analyst at an investment must both complete a college degree and successfully pass a regional or national licensing exam.

Prior to gaining full time employment, some analysts gain experience as interns. Many firms offer summer internships to college students during which these students can shadow experienced analysts and learn how to assess hotel industry data. Students who impress during internships are sometimes offered permanent analyst jobs once they graduate college.


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