How Do I Become a Hospitality Recruiter?

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To become a hospitality recruiter, a prospective employee needs a mix of on-the-job experience and training in both the hospitality and recruitment industries. Primarily, a candidate needs several years of experience in the hospitality industry. Having this experience builds contacts and knowledge that the candidate can use to become a hospitality recruiter. While many recruitment firms to not require a college degree, having a formal education in a related industry improves a candidate's chances. Candidates also generally receive on-the-job training.

Most recruitment firms require that a candidate have a high school degree or general education diploma (GED) to become a hospitality recruiter. While not typically required, a two- or four-year degree in a related field, such as tourism, hotel management, hospitality, or communications can help a candidate find a job in the recruitment industry. Obtaining a certificate from a hospitality vocational school also improves a candidate's chances.

One of the most important qualifications to become a hospitality recruiter is having professional experience in the hospitality industry. The amount of experience needed varies by firm, but most firms require one year or more. This experience can come from working in the tourism sector, working as hotel staff on either the management or service side, or holding another hospitality service job such as restaurant worker or event planner.


To become a hospitality recruiter, a candidate must also possess several skills that will aid him or her in the recruitment process. For example, a candidate needs experience communicating with others in a professional capacity, as the job relies heavily on communication. Experience in sales, especially cold-calling, can also benefit a candidate wanting to become a hospitality recruiter. Other qualifications include basic typing and computer knowledge, experience with telephones and good organizational skills.

Many recruitment firms offer a formal training course for new hires. Training can be anything from an orientation course to on-the-job training with a mentor. Depending on the recruitment firm, training may last for two weeks or more. During training, a candidate learns the basics of recruiting, including how to find clients, how to negotiate with hiring companies, and how to organize the business for maximum efficiency. Many recruitment firms offer commission-based pay, which a candidate also learns about during orientation or training.

A candidate who wants to become a hospitality recruiter can also attend conventions that are held by different recruitment firms or take courses at extended learning schools to further their education. While not required, continuing education can help keep a recruiter informed of changes in the industry. These courses and conventions also help recruiters to polish their skills.


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