How do I Become a Home Renovation Contractor?

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Home renovation work creates opportunities for skilled carpenters, builders, cabinet makers, plumbers, heating and air conditioning technicians, electricians, and other home professionals to start a business or work for small home renovation companies. In order to become a home renovation contractor, it’s important to master construction and repair skills, learn how to run a business, and learn how to market oneself.

The first step to become a home renovation contractor is to master the most commonly requested home renovation skills. These skills are general woodworking, building, cabinetry, hardwood floor installation, tile installation, concrete pouring, electrical wiring, HVAC and plumbing work. Having a good basic knowledge and work experience doing these things will enable home renovation contractors to handle complex projects and avoid damage to homes.

Home renovation contractors generally need business licenses and permits to perform their services. Failing to have a license or a permit for a home renovation job can result in a loss of professional credentials, multiple legal problems, and financial liability if something goes wrong. It can also cause a job to be shut down by government inspectors when a license or permit cannot be presented.


One must manage risk and professional liability to become a home renovation contractor. Insurance will be necessary to protect the business, workers, and the homeowners during a home renovation project. This is especially important as home renovation projects can turn into a serious problem if someone gets injured, a fire breaks out, or if a structure collapses due to age. By getting insured with a contractor liability insurance company, a home renovation contractor will be able to complete projects without the worry of an unexpected accident.

To become a home renovation contractor means being able to sell home renovation services at rates that beat out the competition. In addition, being able to provide higher quality work than other home renovation companies will result in more plentiful jobs and a solid reputation in the industry. A home renovation career can be a rewarding way to contribute to the overall appearance of a community, help residents improve their homes, and build a lucrative business that will last for many years.


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