How do I Become a History Tutor?

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A history tutor is someone who provides assistance with learning the different aspects of history. Unlike a teacher, a tutor is not generally required to have a college degree. In fact, there is typically not a set level of education needed to obtain this position. Although, in order to become a history tutor, the individual will be required to be very knowledgeable of history. Individuals from all walks of life could potentially become a history tutor as long as he or she is well versed on the subject matter of past events.

In many cases, history teachers may double as tutors by providing after-school help to their students. As a teacher, his or her college degree will be enough to be qualified to become a history tutor. History can be a very demanding area of study. This may be especially true when it is taken as a high school course. At this level of education, a student may be required to retain a wider spectrum of names, dates, events and details, which can become difficult, and tutoring may become necessary.


Sometimes, students who are particularly good in history may become a history tutor to other students. The only requirement may be that the student has excelled in the area of history for which he or she may be providing assistance. A student who is particularly good in history may elect to become a tutor on his or her own accord or he or she may be asked to assume the position by a teacher. Often, students are very successful as tutors, because their peers may feel more comfortable relating academic difficulties to someone of their own age group. Additionally, a student tutor may naturally create a more relaxed environment than an adult counterpart.

Often, a person who is not a teacher or a student will become a history tutor. He or she will simply need to be very knowledgeable of various aspects of history. This may include American history, world history, cultural history and gender history, to name a few. The person may also be familiar with the history of pop culture including the names, birth dates and backgrounds of famous people. Usually, a person providing tutoring from this standpoint will do so on an as-needed basis.

When deciding to become a history tutor, one will generally dedicate a lot of time to providing homework help, assisting with test preparations and answering any questions the student may have in relation to history. Some tutors may designate a fee for providing private lessons, while others may do so free of charge. The environment from which a tutor may work will generally depend on his or her personal preference. Teachers and students who provide tutoring services will commonly do so in a school. Alternatively, a home tutor may be someone who tutors from his or her own residence or someone who travels to the home of the person needed tutoring.


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Post 2

I didn't have an interest in studying about people who lived hundreds of years ago or things that happened before I was born. That is probably why I did so poorly in history classes. In my town, the local librarian tutored kids after school. I had a particularly tough time with Unites States History and she helped me get through the class.

Because of her job, she made for the perfect tutor and she had access to any books or additional information we needed.

Post 1

As a high school student, I began providing tutoring for other students at an hourly rate. Before then, I had helped various students with homework and with studying for tests. Once I reached high school, I realized I could make money doing what I had been doing for free.

History was one of my favorite subjects to tutor classmates in because I enjoyed the subject and often times tutoring in this subject was in large part about presenting information and helping the students grasp and retain the information. Teaching advanced Math and Science classes was much more difficult, with all the equations, rules and formulas.

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