How Do I Become a Head Teller?

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A head teller is a supervisory role at a bank; this individual supervises all the other tellers, as well as provides customer service and will also provide general banking services to customers if needed. It is not an entry level position. In order to become a head teller, an individual will need to have experience working as a teller in a bank. Alternatively, some banks will hire individuals to become a head teller if they have experience in a supervisory role in a retail setting, such as in a grocery store, but this is not common.

In order to become a head teller, it will most likely be necessary to start as an entry level bank teller, and then move up in that role. It is very important to do well when working as a bank teller and to make sure your funds are always balanced at the end of the day, and that you provide excellent customer service. Anyone who wants to be promoted should always try to go above and beyond the call of duty in the job, which will help to illustrate potential for supervisory or managerial responsibility. It is also important that an individual who wants to become a head teller demonstrates his or her ability to work well with all different types of people, and remain calm in stressful situations.


An interview process will also usually be necessary in order to become a head teller. Managers at the bank will generally want to meet with the individual again, even if they have been working there for a while, simply to discuss the job and ask a few questions. These might include questions about how the individual would handle certain situations. A person who is interviewing for a new position in the bank, such as an individual who has had experience as a bank teller or a head teller elsewhere, will likely have a lengthier interview process.

As with any job interview, it is important to dress professionally and bring a copy of your resume for review. It is also a good idea to be prepared with a few questions to show your interest in the job and knowledge of the field; be prepared to discuss various instances where you handled challenging situations with banking customers or other employees. Some banks might want you to take a brief test as well to check your skills with performing basic math.


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Post 7

@sunshined - The added stress and responsibility of being a head teller is definitely something to be considered.

My daughter is working as a part time bank teller while she is going to school. During the course of her time there, she has had more than one head teller in charge.

One person who was given this position ended up not sticking with it. She didn't like the added pressure that was put on her every day. After a few months, she gave up the position and went back to being a regular teller. The extra money wasn't worth it to her.

Having good managerial skills is a huge asset when it comes to being successful in this

type of position. Some of the advantages are you get better pay, and also have other opportunities to work your way up in the bank.

If someone is interested in becoming a head teller, I would look for local bank teller openings first. This will give you a good idea whether you even enjoy this type of work or not.

Post 6

Working as a head teller does require a lot of responsibility. If someone has worked as an entry level bank teller for a few years, they are better equipped to handle the stress and responsibility.

If someone is wanting to become a bank teller, it can be a tough job. I have never worked as a teller, but have worked in the bank as a personal banker.

I think the tellers have more responsibility on their shoulders than my position does. At our bank, if their drawer is off at the end of the day, that is a very serious situation.

If this happens too many times, they will lose their job. There is a lot at

stake when you are handling the money of other people. One of the worst things about this, is that they are the lowest paid position in the bank.

When someone takes on the position of head teller, they are acquiring that much more responsibility. Most of the customer complaints also go through the head teller.

A head teller needs to be very efficient at handling money, keeping customers happy, and making sure the whole front of the bank runs smoothly every day.

Post 5

@chivebasil - I am sorry you had such a bad experience when working as a bank teller. Whether it is a good example or bad example, most head bank tellers have a significant impact on the morale of the rest of the tellers.

If the head teller is professional, yet pleasant and fair, most of the tellers will respond positively to this. On the other hand, if the head teller is bossy and demanding, they will usually get some respect because they are the boss, but nobody will like their job.

I have had both experiences when working as a teller at a bank. My first job after high school was as a bank teller. Our head teller was

a very good boss, and everyone got along great.

When she quit, we didn't get so lucky with the replacement. The whole atmosphere of the teller counter seemed to change overnight. At that point, the only thing I liked about my job was the contact with the customers.

Post 4

@truman12 - I have been in the banking industry for several years, and most of the time the head bank teller positions are filled from within the bank.

If someone has worked as a teller for awhile, and they are looking for better pay and more responsibility, this is a natural progression into a head teller position.

Since being hired as a bank teller is an entry level position, there is usually no problem finding someone who is already working in the bank interested in this position.

This is not the case 100% of the time though. Sometimes banks will hire head tellers from outside the bank. This person will have had some kind of teller or banking experience in the past though.

Post 3

When I look for jobs I see lots of teller positions but the one bank teller job that I never see is head teller.

Do they usually promote from within for these jobs? I have worked in a bank in the past and have management experience in other industries. I think I would be a good head teller and banks seem to be doing pretty well even in this bad economy. How can I find a good head teller position?

Post 2

I got my first job in a bank when I was 19 and now I am the head teller at a large branch bank in St Louis. People think that teller jobs are easy but there is a lot to keep track of. There is even more to think about when you are supervising a whole team of tellers.

At any given bank there are hundreds of cash transactions going on everyday. Many of these involve significant amounts of money. As a head teller you are responsible for seeing that this process goes smoothly from both a customer service standpoint and a dollars and cents business standpoint.

A head teller job description would include lots of responsibilities that no one would ever think about. It's a complicated job. You have to have a mind for the number and for the customers.

Post 1

My first job out of college was as a teller in a bank and our head teller ruled that place with an iron fist. She would critique your hair and makeup, the way your voice sounded, your walk, any little thing.

She was notorious around there and she had had the job for years. She was good at keeping the tellers in line but everyone knew that she could never become a banker because of her brash personality. Who wants to get a loan from someone who stares daggers at them?

I got used to her critiques after a while but she is still one of the worst bosses I have ever had. I ended up leaving the job for reasons besides her but I never miss it.

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