How do I Become a Head Cashier?

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If you want to become a head cashier, there are certain skills that you are likely to need. First, you should be good with numbers and money. Second, you should have great customer service skills. You also should display leadership skills.

Before you are hired as a cashier, you may be required to take a test. This normally will assess your math skills. It may also assess how well you use certain machines or software that will be used if you are hired. Since you are looking to become a head cashier, you will want to ensure that you score in the highest percentile. If you are currently employed at the place where you are seeking the head cashier position and you did not did not score extremely high the first time, you may want to retake the test.

There may be an opportunity for you to become a head cashier as a new hire. In most cases, however, head cashiers are promoted from within. This means that you may have to be prepared to work as a cashier first. If this is the case, you typically will need to display excellence while you are in the lower position.


One of the most important things to focus on is perfecting your money-handling skills. Slight cash register variances usually are not enough to get a person fired. They may, however, be enough to prevent a person from achieving the goal to become a head cashier. Try your hardest to ensure that your till perfectly balances or comes close every time.

You also need to avoid making many careless mistakes. These include ringing the same item multiple times and punching incorrect codes into the cash register. If you are responsible for a number of voids or often require assistance, you are not likely to be an attractive candidate to become a head cashier.

Customer service skills are likely to prove important in your goal to become head cashier. If you get the position, you will probably have to deal with customers in a different way than you did as a cashier. This means that your attitude and social skills will play a more essential role in your job duties. You should begin displaying a positive and friendly attitude during the interview and make sure that you uphold that standard at all times.

You also need to display leadership when you are on the job. This means you should show that you are knowledgeable and able to assist others. You should strictly adhere to rules and regulations. It is also wise to avoid seeming too friendly or chatty with the other cashiers because this may make you seem unsuitable to act in the capacity of a supervisor.


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