How Do I Become a Handwriting Examiner?

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You may become a handwriting examiner by training with an accredited program that teaches people to analyze handwriting. Depending on where you live, you may also have to pass a certification examination before being allowed to work a credible job using your analyzing skills. In addition to attending physical courses, you may also become a handwriting examiner by enrolling in a reputable correspondence course.

Enrolling in an accredited program is an important step if you plan to become a handwriting examiner. In such programs you will learn how to recognize signature forgeries or signatures that have been doctored in any way. Some examiners are even trained to recognize digital forgeries.

If you plan to analyze handwriting as a career, you will benefit from an apprenticeship with an established handwriting expert. In fact, many accredited training programs require students to complete an internship while engaging in formal study before being eligible to take a certification exam to become a handwriting expert. Physical courses and internship completion can take up to two years to complete.


A degree is generally not needed to become a handwriting examiner. Training from a reputable program and certification is, however, necessary if you intend to work with courts and other law enforcement agencies. Most handwriting examiners work as self-employed individuals who are frequently relied upon by attorneys, judges and police departments to analyze handwriting, which includes authenticating signatures as well as numbers and other printed information. In many instances, a handwriting examiner can also identify key elements of a person’s personality simply by analyzing her or his handwriting.

Many who train to become a handwriting expert also train to become document examiners. Since both skills are so closely related, doing so often increases a person’s marketability as either an independent contractor or an employee hired to review handwritten evidence on a routine basis. In both disciplines, professionals are able to detect all types of fraudulent documentation.

After completing an accredited training program to become a handwriting examiner, you will likely need to pass a certification process before you can begin working in the field of handwriting examination. Rules pertaining to certification vary according to where you live, so check your local laws to determine whether this applies to you or not. Even when not required by law, however, becoming certified may help you become a handwriting examiner for a law enforcement agency or other employer who requires certification.


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