How do I Become a Guitar Teacher?

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Many people who enjoy playing the guitar, and feel they are reasonably proficient at it, will then decide they want to become a guitar teacher. In truth, it is relatively easy to do. There are no set requirements to become a guitar teacher, and virtually anyone can offer private lessons to students. This is different than someone who wants to teach guitar at a university or school of music, where the school will generally require their teachers to possess music degrees as well as teaching certifications.

Most guitar teachers, however, are simply musicians and guitar enthusiasts themselves. The first step to become a guitar teacher is to thoroughly learn the guitar. If you want to focus primarily on teaching children, it may not be necessary to spend as many years learning the guitar as one who wants to teach teens, adults, or more advanced students. This is because guitar teachers who work with children generally stick to the basics. It is important for every guitar teacher to enjoy working with people, and to possess the ability to explain challenging concepts clearly and with patience.


Some guitar teachers may just teach one style of guitar, such as classical guitar, but most are able to work in many different styles. Someone who wants to become a guitar teacher will want to learn as much as possible about different styles, as well as have a solid knowledge of different songs, chords, scales, music theory, music reading, and rhythm, just to name a few. Someone who wants to become a guitar teacher will probably continue to take advanced guitar lessons on their own.

Once you have acquired what you decide to be a reasonable amount of knowledge, it is time to become a guitar teacher. Many teachers offer private or group lessons out of a studio in their home, while some may be able to rent space in a music shop. It is necessary to collect some materials, such as a few music stands, an amp, guitar picks, sheet music if you choose to teach that way, blank tab paper, and informative chord charts, among others. Some experimentation will likely be needed to find the materials that will work best with your teaching style.

Finally, advertise your services as a guitar teacher. You might place advertisements in the paper or at local schools or shops, create a website, and ask friends to spread the word about your new guitar lessons. New students who enjoy the lessons may also encourage their friends to sign up, so it may even be worthwhile to offer first lessons for free. A successful guitar teacher will be able to motivate students to practice, and will be able to keep students coming back for a long period of time to learn new skills.


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Perhaps the most important thing to learn about being a successful guitar teacher is marketing. You could play guitar like Ace Frehley, but if not one knows about your guitar teaching business then no one will ever know.

The more successful teachers appear to be the ones attached to a guitar store either as an employee or as someone renting space. A lot of people buying guitars don't know how to play a lick and they need to take lessons.

If that guitar teacher is located in a store that sells guitars, clearly they'll get a lot of business from those new guitar buyers.

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