How do I Become a Greeting Card Writer?

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Greeting cards can be a fun and exciting way to express thoughts and sentiments. Often, it can be difficult to tell someone exactly how you feel. For this reason, greeting cards were created to express such thoughts on behalf of another. Individuals with a knack for creative writing may choose to become a greeting card writer. The job opportunities for a writer can be numerous, while some may be able to land a job with a greeting card company, others may choose to go into business for themselves and offer their services as independent contractors.

In order to become a greeting card writer, a person should begin with creating a writing sample. The sample should serve as an excellent example of the writer's skills and abilities. Before beginning a sample, the writer will need to decide the type of message he or she wishes to relay. A light-hearted sample may be filled with greeting card humor, while a more solemn sample may indicate a more serious greeting card verse. Writers should take considerable time to prepare a sample that is without spelling and grammar errors, as it will be used to prove that he or she has what it takes to succeed in this profession.


Once the writing sample is complete, the next step is to apply for jobs. To become a greeting card writer, an individual may consider freelancing. A freelance greeting card writer is someone who writes for a company without the constraints of a longstanding commitment. While there is generally some type of contract outlining the terms of the working partnership, freelancers are not usually employees of the companies they sell their services to. Some benefits of writing from this position can be the opportunity to work for many different establishments at one time and the advantage of providing such services from home, as many freelancers do.

Most people are familiar with the big chain greeting card companies. Many of these companies earn millions of dollars a year helping people express their feelings with a nifty little greeting card. When starting out in this business, writing for a major card company may be something to aspire to. To become a greeting card writer on this caliber, a person will generally be required to have a set amount of experience. He or she may also need to meet certain educational requirements and go through extensive training before being permitted to write for a major company.

Although a college degree is not typically required to become a greeting card writer, a degree in English or a similar major may be what the big brands are looking for. If the goal is to work as a freelancer, the only requirement may be to be a good creative writer. Many companies may also take a combination of skill, education and experience. To become a successful greeting card writer, a person will need to be able to express a wide variety of feelings and emotions on a level that is very personal but applicable to millions of people at the same time.


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You have to be really careful when applying for any type of writing job online. I have been writing poetry for years and I finally decided that I would try to do greeting cards. I sent several samples out to different companies online. Some of them emailed me and led me to believe that they were interested in my work and they wanted some more information about me. I was thrilled to oblige.

The final step was setting up how I would get paid. That’s where I made the mistake. I did not even confirm that this was a real company and I gave them my bank information. I had several unauthorized charges that were taken out of my account. Apparently, I didn’t “read between the lines” where it stated that I had to pay for a start-up kit. I unknowingly agreed to pay $29.95 a month for 4 months.

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