How Do I Become a Gossip Columnist?

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A good first step when you want to become a gossip columnist may be learning how to write well or at least taking steps to improve your writing skills. You'll also want to work to boost your research skills and develop sources of the gossip about which you will write. When you think you are ready to apply to become a gossip columnist, you can prepare written samples to help you land a job. Alternatively, however, you could choose to become an independent gossip columnist by creating and promoting your own gossip blog.

One of the most helpful steps you may take when you want to become a gossip columnist is improving your writing skills. No matter how stimulating the gossip you will provide may be, many people will not have much interest if you cannot write well. To improve your skills, you might consider taking a writing class, either online or in a traditional classroom. You may also find helpful books and websites that provide tips and exercises for improving your writing skills.


Developing reliable contacts and information sources is also important when you want to become a gossip columnist. For example, you may know people with connections in the entertainment industry who can share juicy tidbits of information with you. You can then use this information to write your column. You may also benefit from developing good research skills and finding your own research sources when you want to become a gossip columnist. You will likely need a steady source of information when you want to pursue this career, and your contacts may not always share the information you need.

As you are building your research skills in preparation for becoming a gossip columnist, it is usually a good idea to make sure you have sources of information that can provide gossip-worthy details early on. This is critical, as you will likely have trouble building a following for your column if you are constantly getting the juicy details later rather than sooner. Your research sources should ideally provide you with information early enough so that you can write your column before the information becomes old news.

In order to get a job as a gossip columnist, you will most likely need written samples that showcase your talent for writing gossip. To prepare your samples, you may do well to contact the publications that interest you for submission format guidelines and then write your samples according to their specifications. You may also benefit from proofreading your writing at least a few times before you submit it. If you have a friend or family member who is willing to provide you with feedback on your writing, this may also prove helpful as you prepare your submissions.

While you can apply for a job as a gossip columnist with a newspaper or magazine, you may also consider starting your own gossip column. With a bit of effort, you can create your own blog and learn how to drive traffic to it. Then, you can update it regularly with gossip in order to keep your readers coming back for more. In some ways, it may prove easier to start your own blog, as you do not have to submit any samples or convince anyone to hire you.


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