How Do I Become a Gospel Musician?

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Learning an instrument or developing your singing voice is a good first step when you want to become a gospel musician. You may also benefit from plenty of practice to keep your music fresh and further build your skills. Playing or singing in church may help you to grow as a musician and even make contacts that could prove important as you pursue your goal. Additionally, creating a demo packet and working on ways to gain notice are important steps to take when you want to become a gospel musician.

You will likely have to spend a significant amount of time learning to play an instrument if you want to become a gospel musician. For example, you could learn to play the organ in the hopes of succeeding as a gospel musician, or you might build your own singing voice and use your vocal chords as your instrument. You might also consider learning to play the tambourine, drums, piano, or bass guitar when you want to become a gospel musician, as all of these are commonly used in this type of music. You can become a musician based on your skill with just one instrument, but learning to play more than one may open the doors to more music-making opportunities.


Once you have become skilled with your instrument, you may benefit from continuously working to become a better musician. For example, you can build on your skills by spending a significant amount of time on practice each week or by dedicating significant time to learning new pieces. Such work also may help you to keep your music fresh.

While you can get a good deal of musical practice on your own, playing at a local church may help you prepare to become a gospel musician as well. By doing so, you can train your ear for music and develop skills while playing or singing along with other musicians. You can also learn to play or sing many well-known gospel songs in church. Additionally, you can network with others who are interested in becoming gospel musicians. In fact, you may even meet others who are interested in starting a gospel group with you.

When you feel ready to move forward with your gospel music career, it may be a good idea to create a demo packet you can use to land gigs and gain the interest of recording companies. This packet should usually include a photograph or two of you or your group, a brief biography, information about your performances, and a few sample recordings. The recordings should include some of your best work.

With your demo packet ready, you can then move on to making contacts and arranging gigs. You can use the Internet to market yourself and also respond to ads for gospel musicians. You might also find it beneficial to enter talent competitions and attend gospel music conferences. These conferences often offer opportunities to meet agents and representatives from recording companies. Additionally, you can ask people who enjoy your music to spread the word about you — in some cases, such word-of-mouth referrals can lead to new gigs.


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