How Do I Become a Gas Attendant?

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The job of the gas attendant has evolved significantly throughout the years, and if you want to become a gas attendant, you will first need to figure out what type of attendant you intend to become. The qualifications to become a gas attendant at a gas station are fairly minimal, but if you intend to work in a specific field or enter the military to work as a fuel specialist, the qualifications will be more stringent. Basic attendant jobs at gas stations usually do not require any specific level of education, though a high school diploma is usually preferred.

A working knowledge of basic automotive systems will also be necessary if you want to become a gas attendant. You will need to know how to use the fuel pumps at the station, as well as how to run customer credit cards. Attendants may be responsible for changing oil, refilling fluids such as windshield wiper fluid, or even changing air filters. These tasks are generally not complicated and the skills necessary to complete these jobs can be learned through on the job training. When you get hired for a position that will allow you to become a gas attendant, it is likely you will go through a training period, during which time you will learn these processes as well as how to use the cash register and credit card machines.


It is much more difficult to become a gas attendant in modern times than it was in the past, since fewer and fewer gas stations offer such services. Most modern attendants will simply work in the convenience store attached to the gas station, turning pumps on and off, and otherwise helping customers within that store. Full-service gas stations are rare, though in some parts of the world, such as in the U.S. states of Oregon and New Jersey, drivers are not permitted to pump their own gas and attendants are required.

Other types of gas attendants may require more training. Certain branches of the military, for example, will train soldiers to become bulk fuel specialists who are responsible for delivering various types of fuel to military vehicles. This specialist may fuel airplanes, ground vehicles such as Humvees, and much more. If you want to become a gas attendant in this case, you will need to join the military and go through the appropriate training that will cover how to safely handle bulk fuels.


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