How Do I Become a Fuel Truck Driver?

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A fuel truck driver will operate various types of delivery trucks designed to haul fuels such as gasoline, petroleum, propane, and more. In order to become a fuel truck driver, it is a good idea to finish a high school education so you can develop basic math skills and communication skills, as these will be necessary on the job. Once you graduate, you will need to earn a commercial driver's license (CDL) in order to become a fuel truck driver. Most companies will also require that you get special endorsements on your license that will allow you to haul hazardous materials.

The type of license you need in order to become a fuel truck driver will vary by region as well as by the type of truck you will be operating. A CDL is the basic qualification, but from there, you will need to research the various endorsements you will need to acquire in order to get the job you want. Once you have these endorsements, you will be a more valuable job candidate for various fuel delivery companies. Once you are hired, you should expect to undergo job training to become a fuel truck driver. Such training is necessary for ensuring you understand how to operate the specific trucks in a fleet, as well as the safety procedures you will need to adhere to.


As a driver, you may be responsible for much more than simply sitting behind the steering wheel. You should be in reasonably good health in order to become a fuel truck driver, and you will probably need to pass a physical examination before you can work in such a setting. You may also be responsible for directly delivering fuel to residences and businesses, which means you will be on your feet, pulling hose, and working with various hand tools.

Basic math skills are important if you want to become a fuel truck driver. You will need to keep track of your cargo, maintain receipts and invoices for deliveries, and figure out how much fuel is necessary for a particular business or residence. You will also need to be organized, as paperwork can add up quickly. If you are not confident in your math skills, it may be a good idea to enroll in a refresher course at a local community college to ensure you can handle the responsibilities of the fuel truck driver.


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