How do I Become a Freelance Makeup Artist?

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In order to become a freelance makeup artist, you should first obtain the necessary schooling and licensing needed for your area. Once you have done this, you can begin looking for clients. Local regulations and laws regarding performing freelance work should be strictly adhered to, along with laws for working with clients inside of your home or their home.

The schooling requirements needed to become a freelance makeup artist may vary based on location. In many cases you will need to attend a licensed beauty school to study cosmetology, esthetics, or both depending on the services you intend to offer. Cosmetology may include subjects like makeup application and hairdressing, while esthetics involves facials and skin treatments. Any of these services may be offered by a licensed makeup artist.

Once you have completed school and become certified in any services you wish to offer, you can begin looking for clients. Keep in mind that there are different laws in different areas. In some cases you will need licensing in order to serve clients in your home. Other times you will be limited in the number of clients you can have in the home at one time without a license. Be sure to check with regulations in your area if you intend to have customers visit your home.


You can go about finding clients by posting ads online and in local stores or by partnering with other professionals. For example, you may offer your services to the clients of a local wedding planner or hair stylist. This will allow her to offer various services to her clients through your expertise; making her business more marketable. You should also leave your business card at bridal shops and hair salons, and attend bridal shows.

Once you have become a freelance makeup artist, you should have a website displaying your work. You can build a simple site yourself or have a professional designer do it for you. Include pictures of past clients or of friends and family who were willing to have their makeup done for pictures to include in your portfolio. Be sure you get permission from anyone you would like to use for your site.

Another good way to get clients once you've become a freelance makeup artist is to offer free consultations and examples of your work. For instance, offer to do the makeup of a bride or her bridesmaids to give a live display of your work before the big day. This will let the members of the wedding party see that you will do a good job and offer quality work, making the decision to hire you much easier to make.

Be sure to ask for referrals from satisfied clients and give out a few business cards for them to give to friends. Most freelancers eventually get the bulk of their work through word of mouth, but keep in mind that the opposite also holds true. Strive to give each client your very best, or you may lose clients if they tell others about a bad experience.


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Post 2

@peasy--Anyone in the beauty field. Hairstylists, estheticians, people that work in a day spa possibly.

A lot of schools help with career placement when you graduate or help you connect with other graduates. This can be a great service and should be considered when looking into a cosmetology school.

Post 1

Thanks for the information, my daughter is thinking about becoming a makeup artist. She wants to go to California of course and work on television and movie sets.

When thinking about partnering with other professionals, does anyone have any ideas on who would make a good contact other than wedding planners?

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