How do I Become a Food Safety Consultant?

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To become a food safety consultant, you must obtain certification by passing a series of assessment tests, and you must have expert knowledge in the food industry. It's a good idea to learn the various procedures of handling food and maintaining safety standards. There are lectures and seminars that teach the basics and more advanced techniques. Inquire about various curriculum programs available in this chosen field.

In order to work in the food industry as an inspector or to become a food safety consultant, you will need to obtain the proper credentials. Acquiring an associate's or bachelor's degree might be a prerequisite to obtaining such a position. To achieve a more authoritative position in the field, a graduate degree would be desirable.

If you want to establish a career in this industry and become a food safety consultant, get hands-on experience by working in a restaurant or food preparation center of a large supermarket. Food safety courses are typically required when you work in a food-handling environment, so passing these will be mandatory. Be observant and notice how all the safety precautions are taken. Take note regarding how to maintain proper temperatures for cold and hot foods, and how to implement safety techniques to prevent cross contamination.


Part of food safety and public health is educating the public about food allergies and contagious illnesses. You will need to take plenty of notes and have an expert recall for later. Memorizing is an essential part of becoming good at what you do.

Requirements for obtaining your food safety consultant certification may vary. This will typically depend on your country and state. It's a good idea to check with your local area for regulations and requirements. If you plan on practicing in the United States, you will also need to train in some type of investigation or review-oriented program as well, as consulting and inspection go hand in hand.

Stop in to your local family restaurant or larger supermarket. Get to know the managers. Ask questions and let them know you are seeking a career in food safety. Word of mouth can often be helpful in advancing your career.

After all of the training and necessary certification is completed, you should inquire as to which companies and restaurants are hiring consultants. You can do this through online job sources, newspaper advertisements, or employment agencies. Another idea is to go around to local food chains, such as supermarkets, restaurants, and diners and inquire in person. These steps could also help in your efforts to become a food safety consultant.


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