How Do I Become a Fleet Manager?

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Fleet managers work in the transportation industry and organize fleets, or groups, of vehicles. Some fleet managers work for government organizations such as police departments and schools, while others work in businesses or trucking companies. The types of vehicles directed by a fleet manager depends on the industry in which he or she is employed. Individuals typically need a college degree and hands-on experience in order to become a fleet manager.

A number of varying industries employ fleet managers. Large schools, for instance, often have a fleet manager who is responsible for school buses and other vehicles. Corporations sometimes use fleets of vehicles for sales and personnel transportation purposes. Similarly, rental vehicle car companies often hire personnel to oversee the many vehicles that are available for rent at each location.

The responsibilities of a fleet manager can vary. Typically, an individual choosing to become a fleet manager will be in charge of maintenance and repair schedules. These plans are used to keep cars and trucks operating properly, and to avoid vehicle down time. Fleet managers also monitor the condition of all vehicles used by an organization, and oversee the purchase of new transportation when needed.


Workers in these positions usually do not work alone. Large organizations and agencies often have vehicle maintenance staff members who are directed by the manager. Fleet managers report to officers in the organization or business, such as transportation directors or vice presidents. Together, these employees develop yearly budgets and policies for the vehicles in the fleet.

Both education and experience are important for people who wish to become a fleet manager. Generally, companies prefer to hire workers who have a bachelor's or master's degree in an area that relates to organization and management. Many individuals gain experience with vehicle maintenance and worker supervision through other jobs. The ability to deal with a wide range of people, in addition to strong verbal and writing skills, are important for people in this position.

There are several ways for job seekers to locate employment opportunities within this field. Interested individuals make direct contact with businesses and agencies that use large fleets of vehicles. Alternately, those wishing to become a fleet manager may search job listings and placement services such as newspaper ads and job websites to locate openings. After being hired, managers can pursue advancement to larger fleets of vehicles, or can move up in an organization to become transportation directors or division presidents.


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