How do I Become a Fitness Club Manager?

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The requirements to become a fitness club manager may vary at different fitness clubs. In general, requirements are similar to any other managerial position. A combination of experience in the business and education in business management are usually required to work as a fitness club manager.

If you already know you want to become a fitness club manager, there are two potential paths to take. The first is the path of experience. Apply for a job at a fitness club near you, even an entry level job. Once you obtain a position at a fitness club, begin learning about the business, as well as familiarizing yourself with hiring procedures and the ways in which employees are promoted. You may even find that you do not want to work as a fitness club manager, or want to look for a different exercise facility at which you can find employment.

During your time working at the fitness club, always display your responsibility by arriving at work on time and completing your work as asked, going above and beyond what is required. Always dress and behave professionally, and offer to help others if needed. Develop positive working relationships with other employees as well as your superiors, and after a reasonable amount of time has passed, express your interest in becoming a supervisor or manager. The current managers will then be able to instruct you on the path to take.


Another option to become a fitness club manager is to pursue a degree in business administration after high school, which may make it possible for you to become hired immediately in a managerial position. You might even choose to get a second degree, or a minor, in fitness, which may make you more appealing to a fitness center. It is still a good idea to work at a fitness center if possible during high school and college, in order to build up relevant experience for your resume.

Keep in mind that once you become a fitness club manager, you will have a great deal of responsibility. Accounting, bookkeeping, hiring and firing staff members, training staff, and maintaining the fitness equipment and the amount of available supplies are all potential responsibilities that a manager will have. For this reason, it is necessary to present yourself well in an interview, and be sure to appear self-motivated, responsible, and able to accept new challenges and bring new ideas to a business.


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Post 2

There must be a lot of fitness club managers. It seems like every time they build a new strip mall a 24 hour gym is one of the first tenants to move in.

I would venture to guess that there are more gyms now than there have ever been before. And the industry is probably growing. If I was a younger man I would consider getting in to the industry. Who knows where you might end up.

Post 1

The skills required to manage a health and fitness club are pretty similar to the skills required to manage any kind of business. You have to manage costs, staff, facilities, utilities, marketing, everything you would expect. In fact, being a health club really does not make that much difference as far as the manager is concerned. They don't have to be a health nut or come from a fitness background.

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