How do I Become a Financial Accountant?

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A financial accountant works to monitor and record details of his client's or employer's income and expenditures. He may also advise his clients on making financial-related decisions regarding such things as taxes and payroll. The requirements for a person who wants to become a financial accountant may vary based on the jurisdiction in which the person plans to work. In many places, however, a person who wants to become a financial accountant needs at least an associate’s degree, though some employers may prefer accountants with bachelor’s degrees instead.

The exact job description for a person who opts to become a financial accountant may vary from employer to employer. An individual in this field often handles tasks such as bookkeeping, the creation of financial statements, and the calculating of expenses and profits. A person who fills this position may also advise his clients when they need to make finance-related decisions. For example, a person in this position may help his clients or employers make decisions regarding employee benefits.


There are certain skills and qualities that may make a person a good candidate for becoming a financial accountant. First, a person in this field is usually expected to be good at and enjoy working with numbers. He should also have good written and verbal communication skills. Trustworthiness, an analytical mind, and the ability to work well under pressure are often considered desirable in this field. Additionally, a person in this career usually needs solid computer and organization skills.

A person who wants to become a financial accountant usually completes high school or an equivalent diploma. In high school, the prospective account will do well to hone his math skills, as a high math aptitude is required for someone in this career. Additionally, classes that help an aspiring financial accountant build communication and critical-thinking skills may prove helpful as well.

As far as higher education is concerned, a person who wants to become a financial accountant may earn an associate’s degree in accounting to prepare for an entry-level job in this field. A person who earns a bachelor’s degree or higher may have more job opportunities, however, as well as greater responsibility. Additionally, some people become certified as accountants, which usually requires a person to complete a minimum number of educational hours and pass an exam. In some places, earning certification may make a person a much more attractive job candidate and help him to secure higher wages.


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