How do I Become a Film Producer?

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To become a film producer, you should possess a passion for movies, business savvy, a college degree, and at least a small amount of experience working in the film industry. Film producers are the cornerstone of any movie. Typically the first person involved in a project, he or she spearheads all major aspects of the film's production, from contract negotiations and funding acquisition to selecting directors, actors, and scripts. While the movie industry does not have a structured set of requirements for how to become a film producer, there are some tried-and-true avenues you can pursue to get your foothold in Hollywood or any other film industry.

The foundation of all film producer requirements is a love of movies. If you don't have this, then the other steps to becoming a film producer will be that much harder, if not downright impossible. You need to have an enthusiasm for all aspects of movies and a natural eye for the processes that come together to create a film. Directing styles, acting techniques, editing methods, music selection, and cinematography are examples of these processes.


A film producer spends the bulk of his or her time negotiating contracts, striking deals, and drumming up financing for the film's budget. This facet of the job demands a strong degree of business skill, encompassing everything from basic accounting knowledge to an understanding of how entertainment law operates. When setting out to become a film producer, this sort of insider knowledge might be best obtained by landing an internship with a film production company, offering you a front row seat to the inner workings of the industry.

There is no definitive educational requirement for film producers. However, given the knowledge of film and the business acumen necessary to becoming a producer, you will definitely want to consider a college education. A degree in either film or business is an ideal starting point and can build the framework for future success in the field. At this starting point on your journey to become a film producer, you may also want to consider either a double major in both subjects or a major in one with a concentration or minor in the other.

Attaining work in the movie industry is one of the most beneficial steps you can take when looking to become a film producer. Be it an internship or a paid gig, you will be given access to the entire movie-making process. You will also be exposed to the business side of the profession, as well as the power structures, hierarchies, and rules unique to the industry. This exposure will serve you well while navigating the tumultuous waters of filmdom.


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