How do I Become a Feng Shui Consultant?

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To become a feng shui consultant, you should have a real passion for this ancient Chinese design philosophy. You also need to like working with people in their home or business. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with feng shui through some research and study before you consider taking a certification program. If you feel that you can master the philosophy and hope to become a feng shui consultant, you'll need to position yourself as an expert in the field.

Earning a certificate from a quality feng shui certification program will help give you expert credentials in the discipline. Compare different schools and choose one with a high percentage of graduates who became feng shui consultants. It's important to remember that formal education and training is just one part of becoming a feng shui consultant. If you're going to help others design their home or business in keeping with the energy philosophies of feng shui that are thought to bring luck, money, health and love, you'll need to believe in these principles and practice them yourself. If you find yourself doubting your passion for such beliefs, but you have a strong interest in design, it's probably best for you not to become a feng shui consultant, but rather an interior designer.


If you do find yourself embracing the philosophies behind feng shui, your first "hands on" project should be your own home. Whatever kind of space you live in, even if you just have a bedroom in a home you share with others, you can apply the feng shui principles you've learned in your informal research and study as well as your formal certification program. You'll need to show through your own living space that you understand feng shui symbols and rules by applying them to your decor. For example, one important feng shui rule in a bedroom is that the end of the bed should never be in line with the door, as this is seen as a "death position." If you want to become a feng shui consultant, getting feedback from experts on how you designed your own home can help you better learn what you hope to teach.

Once you design your home in feng shui principles, you may be able to do the same for friends or family members. This will give you photographs to use in your marketing communications of the "before" and "after" results. Typically, marketing materials that advertise feng shui experts include accounts from the home or business owners about good fortune they've experienced since the decor makeover. You'll have to make sure to get signed permission forms to use the accounts and photographs of feng shui clients whose homes or business decors you've completed. If you want to become a feng shui consultant, it's probably best to start your business part time since it may take time for you to grow your client base.


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