How Do I Become a Federal Employment Lawyer?

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Education and a thorough understanding of federal law is needed to become a federal employment lawyer. Federal law is a complex subject area, and students should thoroughly research the field before making the decision to become a federal employment lawyer. This process requires persistence because of the length of time it may take to become a lawyer and the competitive nature of most legal programs. Students can begin preparing for a legal career by researching various components of the law at a local library or on the Internet.

Although not all schools offer a specific pre-legal degree program, most have courses that may prepare students for entrance exams and law school. Recommended coursework includes government, political science, legal management, and a variety of communication courses. High grades in coursework will benefit a student who plans to attend law school and become a federal employment lawyer. During the four year undergraduate program, students can also apply to legal internships with firms that specialize in federal employment law. This experience may be additionally helpful for students who want to become a federal employment lawyer.


After receiving a bachelor's degree and completing all necessary examinations required for law school admittance, students should research a variety of schools that have a strong federal law program. Coursework will cover most of the fundamentals of general law and may include specialty courses such as federal law, employment law, disability compliance and the workplace, wage & hour and unemployment issues, and other coursework that may assist a student to become a federal employment lawyer. These programs generally take at least three years, and upon successful completion a juris doctorate (J.D.) degree is received. There are usually local examinations required to legally practice law, and students will have to pass these exams according to the local standards that are set in order to become a federal employment lawyer.

Graduates should have an advanced technical writing ability, excellent communication skills, personalized negotiation techniques, and well-developed research skills. There are a number of duties involved in being a federal employment lawyer, such as research, litigation, client interaction, and a profound knowledge of federal law. Some cases may take extended amounts of time, and patience is an additional trait that most lawyers should possess. Federal legal firms base hiring decisions not only on educational background and verbal ability but also interpersonal skills, because the majority of the position is based on client-lawyer relations.


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