How Do I Become a Fashion Coordinator?

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Fashion coordinators monitor trends, track consumer buying tendencies, and organize fashion shows. A bachelor’s degree in a fashion-related subject is typically needed to become a fashion coordinator, but some employers may require a master’s degree. An internship should also be completed during college to gain relevant work experience. You will probably have to begin this career in an entry-level position and work your way up as your skills increase. After you become a fashion coordinator, employment can usually be found at a department store, boutique, or fashion design company.

A bachelor’s degree is typically the minimum educational requirement to become a fashion coordinator. Your college major should be in a fashion-related subject such as fashion design or merchandising. A four-year degree in fashion management or marketing may also be sufficient for entry-level employment. In some cases, an employer may hire you with only an associate’s degree in one of these fields. Certain fashion companies require completion of a master’s degree to hold this position.


In order to become a fashion coordinator, you will need a certain amount of practical work experience in addition to your college degree. One of the best ways to acquire this experience is to participate in a college internship. An internship allows you to receive valuable on-the-job training while earning your college degree. These internships are offered by many different colleges and specific information can usually be obtained from the career-development department. You can also seek part-time or summer employment at a retail fashion store if an internship is not available.

A great deal of on-the-job training is usually needed to become a fashion coordinator. You will probably have to work your way up to this position from an entry-level job. Many coordinators begin their career as a retail sales associate and gradually take on more responsibilities as their experience increases. A fashion coordinator must keep abreast of changing fashion trends and customer buying tendencies, and working as a retail clerk is one of the best ways to learn these skills. You will probably be responsible for creating merchandise displays and arranging fashion shows as your understanding of the industry improves.

Employment for this profession can typically be found in department stores, boutiques, and fashion design companies. Department store and boutique fashion coordinators study consumer trends in order to stock popular items such as clothing and accessories. Design companies often utilize these professionals to organize fashion shows and other events. Magazines and newspapers typically hire coordinators to supervise or direct fashion photography layouts.


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