How Do I Become a Factory Supervisor?

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Factory supervisors oversee all the activities of employees in manufacturing and industrial facilities. To become a factory supervisor, you must spend time working is this type of setting to learn as much about factory operations as possible. This may require you to start as a line worker or laborer, then work your way up through various jobs until you reach the ranks of supervisor. Prospective supervisory personnel must also pursue any additional education or degrees required for these leadership positions. Those who are able to become a factory supervisor will typically enjoy higher pay and greater responsibility than other factory workers.

To become a factory supervisor, candidates must typically hold at least a high school diploma. Many companies also require an undergraduate degree in business or a related field, though exact requirements can vary among firms. Taking courses to build your skills can also help you reach your goals. For example, if you are not proficient at using a computer, or you have weak communication or writing skills, even basic coursework or certificate programs in these areas can be extremely beneficial. Courses in business or management may also be helpful.


People who wish to become a factory supervisor should learn as much as possible about the various positions and tasks within a factory setting. This includes learning how a product is made and how to operate equipment or machinery. It may also involve gaining an understanding of scheduling, production rates, and how the company translates its goals to the employees. A good supervisor will understand a great deal about employee safety, including all local codes and standards regarding safe factory operations. It can also be helpful to learn how equipment works, how it is maintained, and how to troubleshoot common problems.

In addition to education and experience, candidates who wish to become a factory supervisor must also focus on leadership skills. This means taking the reins on small tasks or projects that are assigned by management instead of waiting for someone else to take charge. It also involves demonstrating your dedication to the company. This can be accomplished by offering to cover important shifts and being flexible about work hours. Given that many factory supervisors must be ready to work when they are needed, your flexibility can help members of management see that you are ready for the job.

Take advantage of any workshops or extra training offered by the company, and ask for additional responsibilities to complement your existing workload. Don't be afraid to ask about the possibility for promotions, or inquire about how you could improve your performance. Finally, make your supervisors aware of your desire to become a factory supervisor so that when a position opens up, they will know you are interested in the job.


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