How Do I Become a Director of Revenue?

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You may become a director of revenue by earning a bachelor’s degree in business accounting or a similar field of study. In addition to earning a degree, most director of revenue requirements include a minimum of two years' experience working in a related capacity. To gain experience in order to become a director of revenue, you may work as a bookkeeper or accountant first. Other skills necessary to become a director of revenue include analytical thinking, strong leadership and organizational skills, and an ability to work well with other people.

Becoming a director of revenue requires a minimum of four years studying accounting or areas of similar interests at the university level. In some instances, employers may require applicants to earn a graduate degree before being allowed access to director of revenue careers. Once a candidate is hired, other on-the-job director of revenue training may also be required to perform specific duties and functions of a particular revenue director position.


While a degree will help you become a director of revenue, you will likely find it necessary to obtain experience working in bookkeeping or accounting before actually being hired or promoted to a revenue director’s position. As access to these jobs may also be competitive in certain areas, you may also benefit from a number of years worth of managerial experience before applying to become a director of revenue. Some employers may hire you with as little as two years active work experience. Many employers, however, require six or more years of experience in accounting, preferably in a managerial position, before seriously considering individuals who have applied to become a director of revenue.

Most director of revenue duties require individuals to manage teams of various sizes, as well as producing monthly reports on revenue earnings and activity. Creating and monitoring databases and accurate sales forecasts are among the many duties assigned to a revenue director. It is, therefore, important for you to have certain skills and abilities before you to become a director of revenue. A few of the skills generally found in job descriptions for this career include analytical thinking skills, the ability to work well with others, strong communication skills, excellent organizational skills and above average mathematical skills. In order to become a director of revenue, you must also have strong computer skills and be able to accurately create, read and analyze spreadsheets.


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