How Do I Become a Diamond Setter?

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Become a diamond setter by having a passion for diamonds along with the ability to work with small objects. Diamond setters generally begin as diamond setter apprentices where they learn how to do the task on their own. Education is not generally required but can be helpful in getting an apprenticeship or job with a company. You need to be capable of operating machinery and equipment and using your hands often in your work. Precision, attention to detail, and high levels of concentration are important factors in being successful at the job.

In order to become a diamond setter, you need a high school diploma. Some apprenticeship programs only accept individuals with bachelor's degrees, but the particular major is not significant. Application to a diamond setter apprenticeship program is the next step to become a diamond setter. Apprenticeship programs are available at jewelry schools and through independent jewelers. The programs can be competitive so it is important to showcase your best attributes to be successful.

A diamond setter apprenticeship program will provide you with the skills you need to work unsupervised as a diamond setter. As a diamond setter apprentice, you will learn to measure stones, examine gems, and estimate value. You will also learn the procedures to properly cut, polish and set stones into pieces of jewelry. The apprenticeship programs generally last anywhere between two and four years until an individual is ready to work on pieces independently.


Skills that are necessary to become a diamond setter include attention to detail and precision in work. This means having an immense amount of concentration because you are working with materials that are worth a lot of money. A great deal of accuracy is required to be successful at this job. If you have trouble sitting still for long periods of time, you might not want to become a diamond setter. Creativity is also required because new and interesting settings are always appreciated. Having a background in art or design can be helpful towards getting a job in this field.

The work of a diamond setter can be somewhat tedious at times. You will be using small tools on small objects and working mainly with your hands. It is necessary to enjoy hands-on work to become a diamond setter. Knowledge of the tools will develop as you go through your education as an apprentice, as well as the process of working with objects that are so small.


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Post 3

@umbra21 - The other important point is that the equipment to process diamonds can be quite expensive. If you are really working on learning how to cut and polish them, you can't really do that without the equipment of a professional.

Post 2

@Fa5t3r - I agree that you can teach yourself how to put diamonds into pre-made settings pretty easily. There are a few other options that can work well for amateurs as well, such as using silver metal clay as a setting material.

But if you want the full range of ability that a traditional diamond setter would have, you will need to learn from one. This is particularly true if you want to be innovative in the kind of jewelry you design, because you really have to know the rules before you can bend them. And diamonds aren't so cheap that you'd really want to throw them away on jewelry that is poorly constructed or looks terrible.

Post 1

If you really want to work with jewelry and don't want to go through the training, you can actually just teach yourself how to do it. Since the internet has made buying craft materials much easier there are plenty of places where you can get high quality settings and diamonds and other jewels.

I've seen plenty of home made diamond jewelry that looks beautiful and unique. And diamonds aren't actually that expensive if you aren't buying them from a jeweler.

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