How Do I Become a Deputy Attorney General?

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A person who wants to become a deputy attorney general should start the process by obtaining a law degree. This job requires an in-depth knowledge of legal issues and how the justice system works, and getting some work experience as a prosecutor is a good way to prepare for deputy attorney general job duties. Someone who is interested in serving in this capacity will be appointed to the position, as opposed to applying for a job opening, and part of preparing for this career choice would involve developing contacts in the political arena.

The deputy attorney general is a political official who works with the attorney general to administer the justice department at the federal or state levels. The Justice Department is responsible for investigating and prosecuting people who have been accused of crimes and ensuring that the proper procedures are followed for doing so. The deputy attorney general must be well versed in current legal issues in the news, as well as how judges are interpreting legislation when making rulings and handing down sentences.


Before entering law school, a student will have to complete an undergraduate degree. For a person who wants to become a deputy attorney general in the future, majoring in political science can be a good choice. This type of educational background will give someone who has career aspirations of working in a government department a good foundation of knowledge that he or she can draw on when on the job. The requirements for a law degree include completing courses in constitutional law, contracts, civil and criminal litigation and other legal topics.

Since the Justice Department is concerned with criminal matters, someone who wants to become a deputy attorney general will want to get some professional experience in this area of law. The logical choice is to work in the District Attorney’s office and learn about how the judicial system works by being involved in a number of different types of cases. This is not the only way to gain the experience necessary to be considered for a deputy attorney general position, though. Experienced attorneys who have developed a good reputation over several years may also be considered for this post.

Making a point of becoming involved in organizations and causes to meet people who are active in the community and in politics is another effective strategy for someone who wants to become a deputy attorney general. Networking is an important element in getting known by people who are in a position to provide help in advancing a career in public service. The journey to obtaining a position as a deputy attorney general will take a number of years, but this type of job require a high level of education and experience.


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