How do I Become a Denturist?

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A denturist is someone who specializes in the creation of false teeth. Although he or she is not an actual dentist, a denturist examines patients and crafts a prosthetic set of teeth that is custom fit for each mouth. Anyone who wants to become a denturist must have a strong background in oral health, possess an attention to detail and not be concerned about controversy, because denturism is illegal in some places.

In order to become a denturist, most countries do not require the amount of training and eduction that dentists need. Every dental governing board has specific requirements. Some denturists, such as those in the United States, must have four years of dental technology training and education to start this career. Two to three additional years of study focused strictly on dentures is required before becoming a licensed deturist in the U.S.

Traditionally, dentures are created by a licensed dentist and his technicians. A denturist, on the other hand, operates independently of a dentist's office and focuses solely on dentures. In order to become a denturist, one must be able to provide an oral examination to determine what type of false teeth are needed, make imprints of a patient's mouth and create a comfortable, functional set of teeth. Most denturists also repair and adjust dentures in order to create a perfect fit.


To become a denturist, you might need to relocate, because many countries do not recognize denturism as a profession. In the United States, only four states have legalized the practice. The argument against this job is that denturists do not have the full spectrum of knowledge that a dentist would have and, therefore, would not be able to understand a patient's needs and options as well as a dentist would. Denturism, in this viewpoint, is dangerous to the oral health of customers.

Denturists argue that dentists and technicians do not have the proper specialized training in the art of denture creation. One argument is that a set of prosthetic teeth created by dentists might not fit properly or function to the best of its abilities. In this viewpoint, only someone with the added training and experience of a denturist can provide this level of service.

Clearly, if you want to become a denturist, there is a lot more involved than just slipping false teeth into a patient's mouth. There is a great deal of training, experience and controversy that comes along with this profession. Many find the hard work worthwhile, though, because denturists provide a valuable service to the public.


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As a Dentist, who has just read your article I am disappointed in the viewpoint stating that Denturism is dangerous to the oral health of customers.

First, they are not customers. They are patients and as a oral health care provider, I am more qualified in the spectrum of knowledge than a general dentist when it comes to removable prosthetics or (dentures). I strictly specialize in dentures, unlike a general dentist who has to treat all general ailments of the human mouth.

Research the amount of education a general dentist is taught in a dental college curriculum regarding dentures and compare it to the amount of education that of a Dentist when it comes to treating edentulous and semi edentulous


Research the incidents of malpractice claims filed against general dentist when treating denture patients and compare it to that of a Denturist malpractice claims.

As part of an oral health team for the best interest of the patient's health, refer the patient to see a dentist when natural teeth need preventative treatment, and refer the patient to see a Denturist when in need of dentures or partial dentures.

I would recommend you research your information and reconsider your viewpoint on Denturism.

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