How do I Become a Customer Service Coordinator?

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Customer service is essentially about communication. The job requires employees to receive and place phone calls in a polite and positive manner. It mainly involves phone etiquette, knowledge and effective communication skills. One of the most important qualities needed to become a customer service coordinator, therefore, is to be able to communicate effectively with clients.

Customer service coordinators are the "front liners" of a company — they should then develop the necessary skills to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction. An aspiring customer service coordinator should enhance his or her listening skills, decision making, and other practical strategies, all within the context of the business he or she will work for. He or she should also be able distribute his or her time fairly to all those who need assistance.

If you want to become a customer service coordinator, it is important that you learn the basic exercises and self-assessments to constantly improve on your weak points. It will also be helpful to have basic to intermediate computer knowledge. This is because customer service coordinators often enter information into a computer while speaking to their customers.

Most customer service coordinators are required to have a high school diploma. Some companies, however, demand a high-skilled workforce. Many customer service jobs today require a bachelor or associate’s degree. College-level courses that are related to English, computers, or business can be an asset if you want to become a customer service coordinator.


Employers generally look for customer service coordinators who are friendly and professional. The ability to deal with irate clients in a courteous and patient manner is very important. The employee should also be able to work under pressure within a specified time constraint.

A good speaking voice is required in order to become a customer service coordinator. He or she should also be able to hold a clear conversation. The ability to speak more than one language has also become necessary in some companies.

Although customer service coordinator jobs may require previous experience in related fields, most of them are entry level. Job responsibilities may differ according to the type of industry where a customer service agent is employed. Some positions require technical skills, while others involve only the basic customer service responsibilities.

If you possess good communication skills, there shouldn’t be a problem if you want to become a customer service coordinator. Most companies provide training prior to officially beginning work. This normally includes honing of phone skills, telephone and computer systems, common customer problems, and company policies. The length of the training may last for several weeks.


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