How Do I Become a Cruise Director?

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If you enjoy travel and working with people, you may want to pursue a career as a cruise director. In order to become a cruise director, you should first get a position on a cruise ship because this job is one you will likely work your way into. Although you may start at the bottom of the ladder, you should not become discouraged, but rather keep applying for promotions as they become available. If you can land a job as an assistant cruise director, you will be on your way to securing one of these positions should there be an opening.

There are generally no specific cruise director requirements, because this position is learned on-the-job. This means the first step toward becoming a cruise director is to get into the cruise ship industry. A role working as an activities director, tour guide, or cabin steward is more likely to help you become a cruise director because you will gain experience in overseeing entertainment and hospitality. If none of these positions is available, you may want to consider one as a server or reservation agent first and then apply for other openings once you have your foot in the door.


In order to become a cruise director, you need to show you are reliable and a quick learner. Do not be afraid to help in other departments from time to time, as this will give you a better idea of the operations of a cruise ship. This may help you advance as a department head, which can be a step toward your ultimate goal of becoming a cruise director.

Keep your eye open for positions that can help you advance in the ranks with your cruise line. Most cruise director duties require you to accept a great deal of responsibility, so being promoted to a new position can help you demonstrate the skills needed to become a cruise director. Your ultimate goal should be that of an assistant cruise director because you will be working very closely with the cruise director, and this can give you an opportunity to demonstrate you are ready to accept this challenge whenever the next opportunity arises.

Do not be discouraged if you are not promoted as a cruise director the first time you apply. This is a highly desired title, so competition for this job can be extremely fierce. Concentrate on making your next interview better than your previous one, and with luck and persistence, you will be able to achieve your dream of becoming a cruise director.


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