How do I Become a Crossing Guard?

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A crossing guard ensures that it is safe for an individual to cross a street, road, or walkway. Many crossing guards are designated to work in particular areas, such as schools. Other crossing guards may direct traffic in the event of an accident or traffic light failure. The requirements for becoming a crossing guard may vary according to location. Commonly, to become a crossing guard an individual may need to complete a training program that can include becoming familiar with traffic laws and signs and highway safety techniques.

Depending on location, the name of a person who provides assistance in safely crossing traffic can vary. A crossing guard is just one of these titles. Other possible titles include a school road patrol and a crossing patrol officer. Generally, the requirements of such positions are relatively similar, although the job title names may vary.

To become a crossing guard, an individual will first need to know the specific requirements for his or her location and work designation. One common requirement involves taking a training course, which may include learning traffic signs and basic traffic laws of the area. Additionally, classroom sessions as well as on-site practice may be necessary to become a crossing guard. An individual may be trained by an active guard to gain some real-time experience in preparation of assuming the role.


An individual wishing to become a crossing guard will need to decide the type of location they wish to guard over. A school crossing guard is one of the most common types of crossing guards. These guards help children to safely cross streets and walkways during the busiest times of day, including school drop-off and pick-up times. School crossing guards also generally need to know the established rules for vehicles and pedestrians while on the school's grounds. As these types of guards will help ensure adequate child care, a school crossing guard may also need to be trained in first aid.

The ability to stand for long periods of time can be one essential requirement to become a crossing guard. Crossing guards commonly do the bulk of their work during the busiest times of day. People skills can be another necessary skill, as crossing guards will interact with many people on a regular basis. Being healthy and fit can also be an asset in becoming a crossing guard, as the job may require varying levels of physical activity.

In addition to guarding school grounds, a crossing guard may also direct traffic. Intersections that are heavily traveled and without a traffic light may be guarded by a crossing guard. Other job duties may also include directing traffic flow during a car accident or during times where traffic signals fail to work properly. Commonly, a law enforcement officer may serve as a crossing guard to direct busy streets and roadways, especially in the even of a car accident.

A person fulfilling this position may be paid or provide such services on a volunteer basis. An individual interested in becoming a crossing guard may search the newspaper, employment agencies, or local schools for the availabilities in this position.


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