How do I Become a Crime Scene Cleaner?

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There are three items required to become a crime scene cleaner: specialized training, knowledge of deep cleaning equipment, and attention to detail. A crime scene cleaner is called after the crime scene technicians have collected all the necessary evidence. They are often hired by the property owner, insurance company or government agency, if the crime scene is a public place.

In order to do this job, it is important to understand what you will see as part of the profession. Crime scenes where there was violence will have broken items and may include damage to walls, doors, and glass. Any location where a person has died will have bodily fluids and various types of stains and smells. People who are easily upset or have a queasy stomach are not suited to this job.

The first step required to become a crime scene cleaner is to complete a certificate in crime scene cleaning. These programs are available from a wide range of community and career colleges. Techniques on cleaning of different body fluids, removing the smell of death and decomposition from a space, how to deal with hazardous chemicals and cleaning up after a fire are all part of the program. All these skills will likely be required once you start working as a crime scene cleaner.


The type of equipment required for crime scene cleaning includes steam cleaners, high-powered exhaust fans, carpet stain removers, powerful chemical cleaners, and air masks. Most crime scene cleaning firms invest in quality equipment, since the units will be required at many different locations. All crime scene cleaners must have a certificate in crime scene cleaning and have a clean police record to become employed in this role.

Insurance companies often short-list two or three cleaning companies and will call on them as needed. The service agreement will indicate the turn-around time required between the original call and when the job should be finished. Many insurance adjusters will inspect the work quality before approving the invoice for payment.

Attention to detail is very important if you want to become a crime scene cleaner. Insurance companies expect the firm to clean both the obvious stains and damage, but also any secondary damage. When the property owners return, they should not be faced with any reminders of the crime. For example, it is possible to remove a stain from carpet without changing the color or texture of the carpet. After the work is done, the exact location of the crime should be invisible.


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Post 10

anon49908 is absolutely correct. Companies that tell you they will "train" you on cleaning crime scenes are trying to steal your money. There is no special training a person needs to do this job.

Post 9

Look up AMDECON. They have a great training program for those that want to become crime scene cleaners. There is much more to it than just taking a Red Cross class. anon49908 is delusional.

Post 8

i was arrested in 1997 first time offense. never been in trouble ever since. can i open my own crime scene cleaners company? my wife has never been arrested.

Post 7

how old do you have to be? I'm seventeen but don't get squeamish.

Post 6

What is the pay for this type of profession. And all I need is the Pathogen class?

Post 5

Thanks for the information on going to American Red Cross and taking a class. I will look into that. Anything else a beginner should know about trying to get a job? Is there a need for crime scene cleaners?

Post 4

but how do you become a crime scene cleaner in the uk? i was told you had to go on a course and then buy all the equipment yourself. the course was £1,000 and I have no idea how much the equipment costs. there is no funding available, either.

Post 2

thanks for the heads up anon49908.

Post 1

You do not need a degree in crime scene cleaning! You go to your local American Red Cross and take a class, for a little less then $70.00 called Blood Borne Pathogen Training! Then you get any licenses and permits that all businesses need from your city or county business departs and check out any regulation your state has! You do not need to attent an overpriced, rip-you-off school or online training! But you better know how to clean!

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