How Do I Become a Credit Controller?

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Credit controller careers involve collecting debts from individuals or businesses that are late in remitting payments. Entry requirements for the job will vary with the employer, but you need to have a good general education with a proficiency in mathematics, and studies in appropriate courses, such as bookkeeping or accounting, are an advantage as well. Although many who become a credit controller have degrees in mathematics or economics, this is not necessarily a mandate. Prior experience is not a requirement, but experience in customer service, a call center, or a finance department is an asset. Additional qualifications you should have include computer skills and a full driver’s license, along with certain skills and personality traits.

The job description of this profession involves consumer and corporate debt collection, as well as keeping accurate accounts and being responsible for the company’s finances. Those who become a credit controller make phone calls to debtors, which involve listening to their monetary troubles and negotiating a method of repayment. If the debtors fail to comply with repayment, members of this profession must discuss cases with legal officials and initiate legal procedures. In addition, they research credit records on databases and are responsible for accepting or rejecting credit applications. Credit controller duties also involve keeping records, appraising employees of financial matters, and overseeing the signing of financial contracts.


Working conditions of those who become a credit controller involve advantages as well as disadvantages. Although they are based in a comfortable office, they have to make visits to individual and corporate debtors. Most work a standard 9-to-5 timetable, but shift work is not uncommon. The job is not physically difficult, but it can be emotionally stressful to deal with debtors and anxiety producing to take financial risks.

Aside from a competency in math and a disposition for dealing with numbers on a daily basis, you need to have various abilities and character qualities to become a credit controller. As financial matters are a sensitive subject, you should have a pleasant personality with the ability to be discreet yet firm. Empathy for the financial difficulties of others and the capability to exert tactful pressure on debtors is beneficial. Good written and oral communication skills are required, along with the ability to analyze information and draw appropriate conclusions based on their assessment of the data. Credit controller requirements also include good organization and problem solving skills, in addition to the abilities to meet strict deadlines, work well under pressure, and negotiate.


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