How Do I Become a Creative Executive?

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If you would like to become a creative executive, then you should look for opportunities to begin working within the entertainment industry in a creative or managerial way. This can be through a number of different methods, though you might consider working your way up from writing scripts or screenplays. You can also find a studio or other business within the industry that offers a training program for those who would like to become a creative executive. Such programs are likely to give you extensive experience within a studio environment, which can help prepare you for a position within the studio.

One of the first things you should consider as you work to become a creative executive is how you can best enter the film or television industry. A creative executive is typically someone at a studio responsible for reading new scripts and choosing which ones to produce. This means one way you can become a creative executive at a studio is to begin writing screenplays or television scripts that are made into television programs or movies. While this does not guarantee you a position as a creative executive, it can help you gain experience within the industry and help you make contacts at various studios.


There are also some film and television studios that offer programs in which you can train directly at the studio to become a creative executive. You should consider utilizing one of these programs, as they may be the most direct way for you can gain access to the industry. Many of these programs are highly competitive and may require that you have previous experience of some kind, however, which may include experience as a writer for film or television. This depends on the studio at which you wish to train, so you should look at the requirements of individual programs.

Once you are accepted into this kind of program, you might need to train for several years before finding a position as an executive. While this may seem like a long investment to become a creative executive, the training you receive can help prepare you for a number of different careers. You should expect to begin fairly low within the creative side of the studio, such as by reading scripts and writing notes or “coverage” about these scripts for other executives to read. From there, you are likely to work as an assistant to one or more executives and learn the industry from within, preparing you to become a creative executive at that studio.


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