How do I Become a Creative Copywriter?

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A creative copywriter comes up with ideas for written advertisements, promotional material, and commercial scripts. He or she relies on expert knowledge of marketing strategies, psychology, and language to create effective single-line advertisements and detailed product descriptions. The only set requirements to become a creative copywriter are a vivid imagination and ability to convey information clearly in writing. Many people choose to hone their skills in specialized training workshops or college degree programs in creative writing. A skilled copywriter may choose to provide freelance services to many clients or become a full-time employee of a consulting firm or corporation.

An individual who wants to become a creative copywriter can begin developing his or her abilities in high school. Classes in composition and journalism familiarize a student with the basic skills needed to write effectively. Since the majority of creative copywriting and business communication take place on computers, taking computer science courses also can be very helpful.


While some writers are able to find work without extensive educational credentials, most professional copywriters decide to pursue bachelor's or master's degrees. In fact, many employers require that applicants hold degrees in a particular language, creative writing, or communications. College writing professors teach the techniques that copywriters use to convey messages. Students have the opportunity to complete assignments and receive expert feedback so they can improve their skills. An individual who wants to become a creative copywriter might also consider taking elective courses in psychology and business administration to better prepare for an eventual career in the field.

Bachelor's degree programs usually take about four years to complete, and master's degree programs last an additional two years. In addition to attending classes, a student can better prepare to become a creative copywriter by meeting personally with his or her professors and guidance counselors. Faculty members are usually happy to offer professionals advice and assistance in finding job opportunities. After earning a degree, an individual who wants to become a creative copywriter can put together a portfolio that features his or her finest writing samples, resume, professional goals, and letters of recommendation.

It is important for a prospective writer to determine if he or she would rather do freelance work or become a full-time employee of a specific business. Freelance copywriters typically work from home and set their own schedules, important perks for many professionals. It can be difficult, however, to find steady work without previous experience. A new freelance copywriter can explore opportunities by browsing Internet blogs and job databases dedicated to helping new writers get started in the field. After identifying a list of potential clients, the copywriter can submit personal cover letters and portfolios to improve his or her chances of finding work.

Many copywriters begin their careers as assistants in marketing consulting firms or large corporations. They gain practical experience by helping established copywriters create, edit, and format advertisements. With proven abilities, a new creative copywriter is given additional responsibilities and allowed to submit original ideas for promotions.


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