How Do I Become a Cosmetics Distributor?

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The easiest and most inexpensive way you can become a cosmetics distributor is by joining a direct sales company as an independent consultant. You may also be able to get a job working with a cosmetics company as an employee. Another potential road you can take is to develop, purchase, and market your own cosmetics either through an independent lab or wholesaler or by making your own items.

Perhaps the most popular way to become a cosmetics distributor is through direct sales companies. There are a wide range of cosmetics companies which offer opportunities to anyone who is interested in owning their own business. To join one of these companies, you will probably need to purchase a kit which contains a selection of products for you to use for demonstrations.

Once you have purchased your kit, you will be given some form of training and starter marketing materials and instructions. You may also get your own website for taking online orders. As a direct sales cosmetics distributor, you will usually hold in-home demonstrations or parties with a hostess and her friends and family she has invited to attend. After you have shown each person the products you offer, everyone will have the chance to order the products they like. You will earn a commission on the sales.


Another way you could become a cosmetics distributor is to obtain employment directly with a cosmetics company. In order to do this, you will probably need a four-year college degree in retail marketing or something similar. As a distributor directly with a cosmetics company you will probably attempt to sell products through department stores and other retailers.

Although a less common route, you may also become a cosmetics distributor by either purchasing or developing your own products and selling them either to retailers or directly to consumers. There are some cosmetic labs that develop new products and then sell them to cosmetics retailers so they can add their own brand name to them and sell them as their own products. You could do this, or you could sell a wide range of brands from existing popular retailers.

No matter which route you choose, you will need to learn basic marketing skills. Even if you aren’t required to attend school, you should at least read books, attend seminars, and do anything else you feel will help you learn the sales and marketing basics. This will help you to better sell whichever products you settle on.


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