How do I Become a Corporate Concierge?

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The skills required to become a corporate concierge include formal hospitality training, an outgoing personality, discretion and the ability to manage conflicting priorities. A corporate concierge provides assistance organizing small events, collecting items, accepting deliveries and performing related services for executives and senior managers. This type of service is commonly found in large corporations.

The primary benefit of a corporate concierge is to complete a wide range of small, time-consuming tasks on behalf of senior managers. Executives can delegate these tasks to the concierge and remain focused on leadership issues and solving problems. Many corporations believe that the cost of a corporate concierge is less than the total cost to the organization of having a senior executive complete the same tasks.

The first step required to become a corporate concierge is to complete formal training in hospitality. While there is no specific program dedicated to becoming a concierge, a general hospitality program provides the training necessary to be successful in this role. This type of training usually takes one or two years and provides both theoretical and practical skills. Look for programs offered through a local community college or a dedicated hospitality school.


Personality is very important for anyone who wants to become a corporate concierge. Someone who is outgoing and has a friendly disposition will enjoy greater success and satisfaction in this role than someone who is more introverted. The ability to maintain a cheerful disposition under pressure is considered to be a critical requirement of this position. This generally is a learned skill and can be perfected through dedicated effort and concentration.

The daily tasks assigned to a corporate concierge can be different every day. In many companies, one concierge is assigned to multiple executives. Discretion and confidentiality are an essential part of the job if you want to become a corporate concierge. As a concierge, you might be required to provide assistance with personal tasks or to help coordinate small parties and related events. You can hone these skills through related positions in high-end hotels or in similar jobs.

The ability to manage conflicting priorities usually is learned while working in a high-pressure position. Working in customer service, working at the front desk in a high-end hotel or providing concierge services in a large condominium or similar environment are excellent ways to learn these skills. Another way to obtain this skill is through a position as a floor manager in a busy restaurant or hotel. Focus on positions in the hospitality industry, because these positions are closely related to the role of a concierge.


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