How do I Become a Contract Administrator?

Laura M. Sands

In order to become a contract administrator for most companies, you will first need to earn a degree. Most employers expect workers to have a bachelor’s degree and some may even require employees to have a master’s degree. In addition to a college degree, you will need adequate business experience and may be required to undergo additional training or obtain special certification before you can start working in this position.

Contract administrators need the ability to multi-task, as well as the knowledge to manage complicated contract structures.
Contract administrators need the ability to multi-task, as well as the knowledge to manage complicated contract structures.

Most people who plan contract administration careers begin by majoring in law or business at the university level. Some also major in accounting or economics, as well. Before beginning your formal administration education, you should also have other marketable skills such as an ability to work well with people at various business levels, as well as strong communication and leadership qualities.

Few people begin their careers with contract administrator jobs. Most enter their positions only after spending time employed in other positions within a company. Before being selected to work in this position, you should, therefore, be willing to work in another capacity while demonstrating a strong business knowledge, leadership skills and an ability to work well with others.

It is likely that you will eventually work in other types of administrative services, which may even include you working with other contractors as you prepare to become a contract administrator. Showing that you are not only adept at your business, but familiarizing yourself with other job descriptions and contractor tasks may help you advance in a company and move closer to your goal of a contract administration career. More often than not, such positions are awarded to employees not only based on knowledge, skill and education, but also on seniority. So being prepared to patiently perform well in your current position is a plus.

Once an employer is aware of your competence in managing projects, leading others and abiding by the laws and ethics of business, it is likely that you will need further grooming before you can become a contract administrator. Your employer may train you for this position or may require you to attend special classes for training. Depending on the industry you work in, you may also be required to become certified to oversee particular types of contracts.

If you would like to become a contract administrator, but wish to work at another company, this may be possible. It is still important, however, that you gain skill and experience in other business capacities, as well as undergo any additional training. Competition for administration positions can be strong and it is important that you are able to show a strong work history, experience in the industry you are applying for and that you have prepared by getting the relevant training.

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