How Do I Become a Construction Entrepreneur?

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To become a construction entrepreneur, you will first need to develop relevant skills and capabilities as a construction professional. Next, you will have to learn about the rules for starting a small business in your area. Construction entrepreneurship can take many directions and you should decide what field of construction you would like to do business in, whether it might be working as a green construction entrepreneur or working more on the design side as an architect entrepreneur.

Building the skills necessary to become a successful construction entrepreneur is primarily about enrolling in the right kind of construction management program. Depending on your needs and financial situation, either a four year bachelor's degree program or a two year associate's degree program can be completed. Both programs have their advantages and disadvantages.

In a four year bachelor's degree program, you will have the opportunity to major in construction science. A construction science program will give you the opportunity to take a variety of courses covering topics such as project management, construction dynamics, planning, and contracting. Many bachelor's programs can be tailored to fit your specific interests. For example, you can choose to take more design classes if you are interested in architecture or choose to take more civil engineering classes if you prefer actual construction work.


Associate's degree programs differ in that they typically do not delve so much into the theoretical knowledge that you will need to become a construction entrepreneur. Instead, you will encounter more courses about the actual work involved in constructing a building. From basic mathematics and engineering to courses on tools, an associate's program in construction will give you a solid basis in what it is like to work as a construction professional.

Entrepreneurship, whether in construction or another field, involves taking the time to study how to incorporate a business in your particular area. As someone who seeks to become a construction entrepreneur, it will be necessary for you to approach your local commerce center and follow the steps needed to start a business. The tax laws in an area dealing with sole proprietorships and small businesses are oftentimes more complicated than taxes having to do with an individual, so it is important to know them.

In addition to understanding the regulations side of starting a business, you will also need to consider logistics and supplies. You will more than likely need your own van or truck in order to become a construction entrepreneur who can meet clients on site. Most construction entrepreneurs will rent a small office space in order to have a place for meeting clients and storing construction tools.


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