How Do I Become a Congressional Aide?

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Becoming a congressional aide requires commitment and dedication. Working in politics early on in such areas as student government can help you get a head start when you hope to become a congressional aide. Internships and volunteering are good ways to gain experience and contacts. A college degree is necessary to work as a congressional aide at any level of government.

To become a congressional aide, you have to be able to handle stress well. The job is fast-paced and can easily wear you out, especially if you are not in peak form, so it is important to stay in shape. The hours can be extremely long during political campaigns and when doing research to help a politician learn what the people in his or her district want. The majority of the work that goes into political decisions, such as preparing reports and briefs, is done by congressional aides, so the workload is extremely high.


If you want to become a congressional aide, it is a good idea to get started in politics as early as you can. Student government is an excellent opportunity to start learning about how the political process works. Another way you can start learning about how to become a congressional aide is to volunteer for special interest groups or become active in a political party to learn and develop the skills you will need. You should practice the skills, such as computer skills and public speaking, early on to be successful as a congressional aide.

Volunteering to help work with congressional campaigns can allow you to develop friendships with other aides and with congressmen. Many congressional aides began their careers as campaign workers. Internships can open the door to working in districts or in Washington, D.C., but the pay is often contacts and experience rather than money. You should align yourself with a politician you can easily support, because he or she will likely become a mentor and can help you further your own career.

You need a college degree to become a congressional aide and work at the federal, local or state levels in the American system of government. Many aides have professional experience in specialized fields, such as agriculture or law, while others have graduate degrees. There are many degrees that can be useful, such as journalism or law. The competition to be a congressional aide is intense but, if you have worked in politics before, such as volunteering in a campaign, you have a better chance of landing a position as an aide. Aides are often hired by legislators in charge of their state or district to be able to keep in contact with constituents while the legislators are in the capital.


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