How do I Become a Computer Tutor?

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A computer tutor is someone who instructs pupils on how to operate computers, use software and use the Internet. To become a computer tutor, you need to have extensive knowledge in these areas and the drive to create and maintain your own home-based business. Computer tutors can often set their own schedules and rates, so this type of business can be very rewarding.

Knowledge can make or break a computer tutor's business. You should learn all you can about computer equipment, the Internet and software. You also must keep on top of the latest advances in all of these areas. Familiarity with computer-related devices, such as MP3 players, might also help your business grow. To become a computer tutor, you must have extensive knowledge of technology and a keen interest in it.

Teaching skills are an important attribute if you are attempting to become a computer tutor. Using a computer can seem like a solitary effort, but teaching of any kind requires a great deal of patience and understanding. A degree in education is hardly necessary to work as a computer tutor, but taking a few classes or reading a few books about teaching methods can't hurt your business. You should at least become familiar with different learning styles and offer the services to accommodate them.


You might want to plan an advertising strategy for when you become a computer tutor. A computer business, like many other businesses, can greatly benefit from advertising and marketing campaigns, even if they are on a small scale. Buying a domain and designing a website devoted to the computer business and its services is the first step to good advertising. On your website, you can list your services, credentials, experience, specialties, interests and hobbies. To advertise physically, printing out fliers with the same information and passing them out at strategic locations, such as computer businesses, technology fairs and college campuses, can bolster your business.

You also might consider setting up virtual private lessons on your website. Many computer tutors usually are called to work on-site, but some can provide their services remotely. You can create tutorials describing how to work with certain software or use the Internet right on your website. Clients can log onto your site and complete the lessons at their own pace. You can charge for access to these lessons, and you might find them to be time-savers, because they can keep you free to take on more on-site appointments.


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Post 3

@Charred - No, I’d say if he’s happy with the classes he should just continue doing what he’s doing, especially considering they’re free.

I believe that tutoring offers only two main advantages. Like I said, I can meet people on their schedule, in their homes. Some people may not be able to take classes at the scheduled times or easily get to the class locations.

Secondly, people can ask me questions; they can even set the agenda. If there are certain applications that they want to learn, I’m happy to dispense with my agenda and teach them what they want to know. It’s completely up to them. I don’t think that you have that kind of flexibility with classes.

Post 2

@Mammmood - That’s great. How would you say that the service you provide differs from other community provided services?

You mentioned classes; many of these require fees. But in our town, the local library is offering free classes on computer use throughout the year, but mainly in the summer months.

My dad has been taking these classes and he loves them. Would it be better for him to have a tutor?

Post 1

It’s not hard to become a computer tutor if you have some proficiency with computers. I haven’t tutored people professionally, but I’ve done it as a service for my friends, and some of their friends.

You’d be surprised at how many people are out there who don’t know how to use a computer, or do basic things like word processing, use the Internet or navigate Windows. Sure, there are classes they can sign up for, but these require that they adhere to certain schedules and go to different locations.

As a tutor, I meet people on their schedule. I go to their house and spend 30 minutes to an hour helping them get set up and use the computer in such a way that they become productive.

Like I said, I do it as a service. I’m happy to help out. Sometimes people insist on giving me money, which is fine, but I don’t do it for money.

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