How do I Become a Commercial Carpet Installer?

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Anyone who wants to become a commercial carpet installer must be able to complete a short training program, be physically fit, have good measuring skills and be willing to work long hours. A commercial carpet installer is responsible for estimating the amount of carpet required for the space, preparing the space and laying down the carpet. The selection of carpet usually is completed through a series of meetings between the carpet salesperson and the client.

Someone who wants to become a commercial carpet installer usually is good with his or her hands, is detail-oriented and enjoys working as part of a team. Interpersonal and communication skills also are very important in this career. People with allergies or difficulty breathing will have difficulty in this type of work, because of the release of carpet fibers into the air during the installation process. Anyone with asthma probably should not become a commercial carpet installer.

A six- to eight-week training program is available from most community colleges or trade colleges. Courses include training on how to estimate floor space accurately, safe installation techniques and health and safety regulations. In addition to this basic training, most employers also provide a short course for new employees on business practices.


Physical fitness is essential for anyone who wants to become a commercial carpet installer, because this is a very demanding career. The commercial carpet installer must be able to bend, lift heavy weights, kneel and carry carpet. The risk of physical injury in this job is very high, and many people have recurring back and knee problems as a direct result of working as carpet installers.

Measuring skills are very important in this job. The carpet installer must measure the total area to be covered and the number of rolls required. The dimensions of a roll must be mapped to the surface area to ensure that excess material is not ordered. Mistakes in estimating and measuring are very costly and can result in either waste or delays in project completion because of a shortage of materials.

Commercial carpet installers are often required to complete projects in a very short period of time. Coordination with teams of movers and carpet installers might be required for large projects. In most contracts, the installation project must be completed within a specific time period. This can require long hours, including working on evenings and weekends.


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