How Do I Become a Color Consultant?

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If you want to become a color consultant, then you should consider gaining a strong background in either art or interior design. You should ensure any program you enter offers a course in color theory, and if you already have a background in such a field, then you might consider a special course or seminar in color consulting and design. Once you have the education you need, then you can begin building a list of clients and working with other designers in need of color consultation. You might also consider joining a professional organization to help you become a color consultant.

One of the most important requirements necessary to become a color consultant is a strong background in art, design, and color theory in particular. Numerous colleges, universities, and art schools offer programs in either fine art or interior design that can help prepare you to become a color consultant. You should look at different programs and ensure that the one you choose provides you with color theory training to help you understand the psychological and design factors affected by color. If you already have a background in art or design, then you might simply look for a school that offers a single course in color theory.


You may also be able to become a color consultant by pursuing specialized certification or taking individual courses in color consultation. These programs and seminars are offered by a number of different professionals and can help you learn more about color and working with clients. Once you have the background and training you need to become a color consultant, then you should begin building your business and finding clients. You might look for other interior or architectural design firms in need of a color consultant or begin your own design company to provide color consultation for clients.

It can also be easier to become a color consultant if you join a professional organization. Groups such as the International Association of Color Consultants (IACC) often have numerous branches and offices in various countries and can provide you with various types of training and membership. While you do not have to join a professional association to become a color consultant, you may find that networking with other professionals can help you find new clients or employers. These organizations also frequently offer seminars and other forms of accreditation or certification to help qualify you as a color consultant and give you an advantage over other design professionals.


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Post 2

@spotiche5- I agree with you, because for most artists, it is important to always be doing something that is creative.

A good place for an artist to look for a job as a color consultant is through a company that does interior design for homes and businesses. The people who run these companies appreciate an artistic eye, because that is what their clients are looking for when it comes to home and interior designs.

Post 1

This is a great job for artists, since it is hard to make enough money just by creating art alone. In a way, working as a color consultant would be like using your artistic abilities for a regular paycheck.

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