How Do I Become a Clubhouse Manager?

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To become a clubhouse manager, you typically need a college degree, experience in planning and managing events and experience in the hospitality industry. In addition, you also have to possess high quality communication, customer service and organizations skills. A clubhouse manager is typically responsible for running the events of a private club, such as a golf course or country club. Not only does a clubhouse manager help to plan and implement events for the members of the clubhouse or private organization, but they are typically responsible for helping to book and implement private events of members, such as weddings and anniversary parties.

The education level required to become a clubhouse manager can range from place to place. Some clubhouses only require a high school diploma. Other clubhouses prefer that their managers have a degree in business, hospitality or an equivalent degree. Some clubhouses permit those who wish to become a clubhouse manager to supplement experience working in the hospitality industry in lieu of a degree.

Experience plays a pivotal role to become a clubhouse manager. Many clubhouses like clubhouse employees to start at the bottom and work their way up to the management role. If the clubhouse hires from outside of the company, the hiring managers still like to see that the person has worked in various roles of hospitality so that the manager has a big picture view of how the food, catering and event management processes of running a clubhouse works.


Many become a clubhouse manager after working for event planning companies or vendors that service the hospitality industry. Wedding planners, event planners, caterers and other types of hospitality careers tend to have the skills and experience required to become a clubhouse manager.

The duties of a clubhouse manager tend to include working with the members of the club to plan special events. For example, private country clubs may plan a social event for each holiday during the season. If it is a clubhouse that is associated with a golf course, the clubhouse manager may coordinate food and beverage needs with golf tournaments and things of this nature.

Personal characteristics also play a vital role for you to become a clubhouse manager. Since you will be dealing directly with customers and members, as well as your staff, communication skills is one of the primary skills you need to possess. You’ll also need to be customer-service oriented and very organized.


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