How Do I Become a Civil Construction Supervisor?

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In order to become a civil construction supervisor, you will first need gain experience by working as a laborer in the field. Working as a laborer for three to five years will allow you to fully learn the inner-workings of a civil construction site and will also help you establish yourself as a member of a construction union. You will need to acquire knowledge of liability issues that may affect in the completion of civil construction projects. Once you have the knowledge and experience, you can submit your resume to companies that offer civil construction services.

Careers in civil construction are attractive to job seekers because they typically provide the opportunity to earn good compensation and enjoy opportunities for further advancement. Typically, experience working as a construction laborer is required before an individual can become a civil construction supervisor. This will expose you to how a construction site works, as well as the different positions on the site. On your way to becoming a supervisor, you'll want to look for opportunities to advance into positions like skilled laborer of shift safety inspector.


Depending on the location, there may be a licensing board that governs the civil construction profession. In some cases, a license or membership to a union may be required to become a civil construction supervisor. Do your research and find out how to become licensed, if necessary. If union membership is required, you may want to try to become a union liaison, which may help you advance in this field and give you a better understanding of the role the union plays.

Knowledge of liability issues is key to become a civil construction supervisor. It is important for supervisors to possess knowledge of how labor relations can affect the management of construction staff. Understanding how unions work and impact company decisions will be handy in the role of a civil construction supervisor.

Once you've gained the necessary experience and knowledge, contact the labor union and submit your resume to employment search websites. If your skills meet a company's needs, you may be contacted; however, it's important to active seek out jobs and not simply wait for potential employers to find you. Conduct research on companies that work in a civil construction industry and make yourself aware of construction projects in the city where you live. You may be able to contact the company to learn about positions within the company.

As with most jobs, networking can play an important role in your quest to become a civil construction supervisor. Get to know other construction professionals who work for different companies. These professionals may be able to provide you information about jobs before they are publicly advertised. The hiring process can be very fast when a construction project is in progress, and knowing about potential jobs as soon as they become available can be a great advantage.


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