How Do I Become a Christian Musician?

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A Christian musician is an individual who performs music to express the beliefs of Christianity. To become a Christian musician, then, one must develop musical skills and — particularly if one wishes to write music — an understanding of the Christian religion. Many different genres, including rock, country, rap, gospel, and others, can be used to communicate Christian themes. Such music can be performed in religious settings, such as churches and church-sponsored events, or in more mainstream music performance settings. One who decides to become a Christian musician may choose to perform a solo musical act or may join with a larger group such as a rock band or gospel choir.

To become a Christian musician, one must first become proficient in some form of musical performance. For some people, this simply means joining the church choir, though more ambitious people may choose to learn an instrument or train as a solo vocalist. Though not strictly necessary, learning to read music and studying music theory can increase one's ability to learn and perform more diverse musical forms. Many music stores, schools, and individuals offer lessons in musical performance, which can be very helpful for someone who wants to become a Christian musician. A musician-in-training may also find free or inexpensive lessons on the Internet.


Taking lessons and practicing differs greatly from performing in front of other people, so gaining actual performance experience is important when training to become a Christian musician. Performing in a large group, such as a church choir, can provide excellent performing experience without the stress and anxiety that comes with performing alone. Playing music for small groups of family and friends can also provide valuable experience.

A performer needs to have more than skill and experience to become a Christian musician. To perform in a church, one should attend that church and speak with those in charge of coordinating the music. Even for the Christian musician who eventually wants to have independent concerts, the church is a good place to start developing a fan base. Christian high schools and colleges are also good places to perform.

Christian music is generally intended to communicate religious ideas and themes, but one does not strictly need to be Christian in order to become a Christian musician. In some cases, it is simply a good business decision for a musician-for-hire. Belonging to the Christian faith can, however, help one to infuse one's music with much more personal passion and meaning.


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