How do I Become a Chief Investment Officer?

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Investment and securities positions involve a variety of job functions, and several areas of education are usually required to become a chief investment officer. These jobs are generally executive positions that are held in different types of firms, and extensive business and management training is usually preferred. High school students seeking to enter investment jobs should excel in several areas of mathematics. Students should also spend additional time studying current investment strategies of major corporations. Familiarizing him or herself with the financial world early in the educational process will help guide the student to find gainful employment in this field.

Four year universities offer extensive business programs, and students should focus on business management or investment courses. A bachelor's degree in finance can assist a student to become a chief investment officer. Coursework may include statistics, business and corporate finance, and financial economics. This is the minimal degree required for an entry level position in this field, and most students aim for a master's degree in finance and investment. Higher level positions can be acquired after the completion of a graduate program, which may include courses such as empirical methods in finance, securities investment regulations and practices, and advanced accounting.


Internships can be additionally helpful in building a student's experience by observing and training under an experienced investment officer. Some duties may include creating an investment program for the firm, investment management, and overseeing daily financial decisions. This position is a large responsibility, and is a managing position that supervises numerous employees depending on the size of the firm. He or she is largely accountable for the financial stability of a corporation, which is the primary reason that companies require extensive experience in the field, usually three to five years. Volunteer work throughout undergraduate and graduate school will help students get a head start on training qualifications.

In order to become a chief investment officer, students should seek extra curricular activities that help him or her to gain leadership skills. Many campuses have groups that exercise leadership techniques and give students responsibilities in addition to his or her coursework. The ability to implement these skills is essential to become a chief investment officer because the position requires the ability to make major business decisions in addition to overseeing employees. Some chief investment officers seek new business partners for the firm, negotiate equity capital in business deals, and provide vital financial advice. Salaries may vary, but people in this position usually receive a high income, and there is continuous room for advancement.


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