How do I Become a Chauffeur?

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The list of requirements for becoming a chauffeur isn’t very long. Basically, a person needs a driver’s license as well as a special chauffeur’s license issued by the jurisdiction in which he plans to work. Some employers may require special training for those who want to work in this field; others may offer their own training programs. Though general requirements for this job are similar in many places, different jurisdictions may have additional guidelines. A person who wants to become a chauffeur may obtain information from his local driver's licensing authority.

Earning a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) credential is a good idea for someone who wants to become a chauffeur. Though such credentials are not always necessary, many employers feel more comfortable hiring employees with this minimum level of education. Additionally, some employers may require chauffeurs to be a certain age. For example, many companies only hire those who are 18 years of age or older.

Typically, an aspiring chauffeur also needs a basically clean driving record. While a ticket or two may be acceptable for someone who wants to become a chauffeur, a history of speeding or reckless driving may make it difficult, if not impossible, to secure a job in this field. Likewise, a history of causing accidents or driving while intoxicated is usually a red flag for employers.


A person who wants to become a chauffeur may also have to submit to background checks. This is to ensure the job candidate is trustworthy and unlikely to steal from his employer or the people he transports. Such checks are also performed to help ensure the physical safety of the chauffeur company’s clients.

Usually, a person who wants to become a chauffeur will need a valid chauffeur’s license, and requirements for such a license vary from place to place. In some places, a person interested in such licensing will have to take a training course and then a written exam in order to obtain licensing. In other places, a passing score on an exam and the payment of chauffeur fees are all that are required.

Before enrolling in a training program or even obtaining licensing, an aspiring chauffeur may do well to contact a few chauffeur companies to learn their requirements. By doing this first, a candidate can help ensure he will take all the steps needed in order to be employable as a chauffeur. In some cases, a chauffeur company may even offer recommendations regarding training options.


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