How Do I Become a Certified Java® Developer?

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Java® is a computer programming language that is commonly used to create many different kinds of web pages, forms, games, chats and other types of Internet applications. Initially intended to be used for single small applications within a web page, Java® grew to be found almost everywhere on the web. Certification can be important for those wishing to be hired as Java® programmers, since certification demonstrates a minimum skill level has been achieved. Sun® Microsystems, the developer of the Java® software and a subsidiary of the Oracle® Corporation, offers different levels of certification for Java® programmers and developers.

In order to become a certified Java® developer, an individual must first demonstrate Java® programming ability. In order to do this, the candidate is required to become an Oracle® Certified Professional Programmer before testing as a developer. The programmer’s exam is administered by the Oracle® Company and is specific to a particular version of Java®. Only after a programmer has been approved as an Oracle® Certified Professional Programmer can he or she move on to the next step, which is to become an Oracle® Certified Java® Developer.


Once having attained certification as a programmer, a person is eligible to test to become a Certified Java® Developer. Like the programmer’s exam, this testing is also specific to a particular version of Java, but the candidate need not be certified as a programmer in that specific release in order to be allowed to test to become a Certified Java® Developer. Classes are available through Sun® Microsystems and other sources to help programmers prepare for the certification process.

After a person attains a high level of proficiency as a programmer through practice and classwork, he or she can take the test to become a Certified Java® Developer. The test consists of two parts. The first portion is an essay exam on Java® implementation, choices and rationale. The second part of the exam is the creation of an actual Java® project. The candidate must pass both parts in order to receive certification.

Oracle&reg professional certification is offered in many different countries around the world. It is important for the candidate for professional certification to understand that the company requires programmers to purchase and use materials from the country of residence for testing and for test preparation. Anyone failing to do so will not be able to be certified as a professional programmer or developer. Testing is handled at various sites within each country and is dependent on the level of demand for testing services.


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