How Do I Become a Casino Host?

Bobby R. Goldsmith

You must undertake several steps to become a casino host. Depending upon the type of casino that you want to work in, you may need extensive experience working in sales or client relations for an entertainment or customer service related industry. In addition to client management skills, you will need to develop and demonstrate a range of social skills to become a casino host, including how to accommodate client requests and how to manage client expectations. You need experience managing subordinates, complying with casino policy in a range of areas, and establishing long-term rapport with an expanding base of casino clients.

Las Vegas is a popular place for those seeking to become a casino host.
Las Vegas is a popular place for those seeking to become a casino host.

Generally, the best way to become a casino host begins with applying for and obtaining an entry level position in the type of casino that you want to work in. There are numerous entry level positions, but the most relevant jobs include dealer, receptionist, or front desk staff worker. You need an entry level position that directly involves handling casino customers as frequently as possible. Avoid taking entry level positions that do not engage the public often, such as maintenance or security. A dealer of any type may be the best entry level position to prepare you to become a casino host as it allows you to engage with a casino's clients directly and to establish a foundation for bringing back repeat clients.

Casino hosts may interact with guests while they play games.
Casino hosts may interact with guests while they play games.

If you already have an extensive history with person to person sales, establishing a pool of clients or engaging the public frequently, you may not need to seek an entry level position. You may be able to transition directly into the position of a casino host. Most casino host jobs are found through the professional contact networks of existing casino employees, so it may be more difficult for you to directly find a casino host position. Contact anyone you may know that works in a casino, especially in casino management, and inquire about open positions to become a casino host.

The job of a casino host requires you to directly engage the clients who are seeking to place wagers on various games. If the casino includes a hotel, a bar, a restaurant, or other amenities, you can use your position as casino host to entice prospective gamblers to play at your casino in exchange for compensation packages that include free gambling tokens, free drinks and meals, discounts to area attractions, or a free room at the hotel. The trick for a casino host is in knowing what combinations in a compensation package work best for each individual client in order to keep the client's gambling money with the casino.

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